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The Despair of Sunsets and the Longing of Sunrises - Kingsman/Ladyhawke Fusion
Fandom: Kingsman
Characters/Pairings: Roxanne Morton, Merlin, Gary "Eggsy" Unwin, Harry Hart | Galahad, Charlie Hesketh, Chester King, Gazelle; Merlin/Eggsy
Rating: PG-13 (for violence)
Length: 40673

Summary: Roxane Morton's only life goal was to join the elite group that was the Duke's guards. During her training though, the Duke and his Captain of the Guard swore she was a spy and threw her in the dungeon to await trial and death. There she learned that the previous Captain of the Guard might be alive, not killed in battle like they were told. She manages to escape figuring he is her only chance to prove her innocence. He was heroic and honourable, he was Captain Merlin - children were told stories of him.

Only she finds an angry and tired man, who travels with a hawk, and disappears at night. And there is another man only a little older than her that sometimes appears in the night and is so sad and so beautiful.

She just wanted to clear her name, she didn't want to fall into magic, and schemes, and lovers torn apart. She was a soldier, she didn't believe in camp fire tales.
But it is hard to disbelieve, when you find yourself in one

Why is it the BEST THING EVER: [personal profile] anarchycox / [ profile] Anarchycox / [ profile] Anarchycox has done something very unusual for the Kingman fandom - they have told the entire story from Roxanne Morton's point of view.

We see the entire story through Roxy's eyes (she takes on the role of Mouse, the young thief), with only a few epistolary moments (Roxy reading old letters) to reinforce the romance between Merlin (in the Captain Navarre role) and Eggsy (in the Isabeau role).

Anarchycox could have taken the easy road for a Kingsman/Ladyhawke fusion and made Eggsy (the obvious choice) into Mouse and therefore the voice of the story, or simply given the story multiple points of view. Anarchycox has not only written a beautiful story, they have written a fusion that stays true to one of the most underappreciated elements of the original Ladyhawke movie – that it's told entirely from Mouse's point of view.

We are compelled to trust Roxy as the narrator because there is no other voice in the story, and the author has given the character a very strong personal foundation, and therefore, we can rely on the narrator's voice to tell a true story, that her motives are simple and straightforward (survive and return to her home and reclaim her place).

I have to note that while Anarchycox gifted the story to me, I am not reccing it because of that. I am recommending it as the Best Thing Ever because it is simply one of the best and truest fusions I've ever read.
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