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It's Nice That | Nostalgia in branding: top design studios analyse the NatWest and Co-op retrobrands
"The Co-op example is this done brilliantly. I’d lost sight of them as a business that helped people contribute to society and I lived above one of their supermarkets. Now they’ve given me something I can buy into again. The stripped-back blue membership ads stand out a mile, a simple bold identity alongside simple bold messaging about fairness. Heritage as a powerful statement of intent – I get it."
brands  marketing  helencarroll  coop  vanity  identity  design  2016 
october 2016 by benterrett
Why the World Bank endorses the Principles for Digital Development | Information and Communications for Development
"More importantly, the Principles build upon previous guidelines and good practices issued by the broader community, including UNICEF’s Innovation Principles, the UK’s Government Digital Service principles, and the Bank’s own Open Development Principles. The Digital Principles encompass similar ideas but are agnostic to any single organization, making them relevant for all practitioners."
worldbank  unicef  billgates  gatesfoundation  gdsdesignprinciples  gds  vanity 
april 2016 by benterrett
Malcolm, Kasper & Design Manchester - Magnetic North - Strategy, Design, Development, Digital Agency Manchester
"Who’s work has impressed / inspired you in the last 12 months? Malcolm: Ben Terrett continues to impress me. His clarity of thought and vision of a useful, uncluttered graphic landscape are exemplary."
benterrett  vanity  malcolmgarrett  manchester 
december 2015 by benterrett
Margaret Calvert | Debrett's 500 2015
"She was a key adviser on the award-winning redesign, which has been lauded internationally as a timeless classic of functionality and style, marrying traditional values with the practical demands of the internet age."
government  gds  vanity  margaretcalvert 
august 2015 by benterrett
The future of GDS: Life after Mike Bracken and Francis Maude - IT Feature from
"The impact of cannot be understated. Combining high-quality design with improved user experience demonstrated the improvement that an effective digital strategy can have on public perception and cost efficiency," he said.
govuk  government  gds  mikebracken  vanity 
august 2015 by benterrett
What we’d like to see from design in 2015 | Editor's View | Design Week
One of the many remarkable things about was that its design team explicitly placed the project in the long-line of Great British public sector designs. GDS head of design Ben Terrett has referenced projects such as Sir Kenneth Grange’s Intercity 125 design and even brought in road signage designer Margaret Calvert to be an “unofficial mentor” for
benterrett  vanity  gds  government  design  designweek 
january 2015 by benterrett
Not All Mammals! In defence of designing for “people” | Matt Edgar writes here
One of the delights of the new GOV.UK (in which – Disclosure! – I play a bit part, but for whom I certainly do not claim to speak here) is the way it demonstrates that many of the debates of Noughties web design are now pretty much solved problems. Form follows function. Text and hypertext dominate the flashy, non-standard carapaces on which millions were wasted by private and public sector alike. High levels of accessibility, responsive design, open source frameworks, web-native APIs – they’re all just manifest good sense things that make user experiences better.
mattedgar  govuk  government  gds  design  webdesign  vanity 
june 2014 by benterrett
Why New Zealand and UK are leading the public sector digital revolution
The New Zealand team adapted GOV.UK's basic design elements, saving time, money and resources
design  government  gds  vanity  benterrett  francismaude 
january 2014 by benterrett
What’s Really At Stake in Better Interfaces to Government | Code for America
"While cynics may say that “government just doesn’t get it,” we know through our work with the Code for America city partners that things are already changing in profound ways. And the work of agencies like the UK Government Digital Service (whose Design Principles are a manifesto for the new kind of thinking that is sweeping government)"
timoreilly  vanity  benterrett  gds  government  obama  usa  codeforamerica 
november 2013 by benterrett
Doing something for nothing earns top marks at the school for civil servants - UK Politics - UK - The Independent
"The winning policy was a simple one: get GPs to identify lonely pensioners (loneliness is recognised as a key trigger of poor health) and put them in touch with each other at formal and informal events." our idea
policy  government  benterrett  vanity  gds  sjh 
july 2013 by benterrett
Blog - Wolff Olins Blog - Designing Democracy is so much more than a functional website: it’s defined the visual identity of an entire country, and is defining how a government interacts with its citizens (it just doesn’t know it yet).
govuk  government  gds  benterrett  vanity 
april 2013 by benterrett
▶ Responsive State: Ben Terrett on GOV.UK by designcouncil
Me, speaking at the Design Council. "Less reports, more delivery"
benterrett  designcouncil  vanity  government  gds 
april 2013 by benterrett
Rik Williams – User Experience Architect | Tag Archive | UX London
"UX is a mind-set. It is a humanistic why of solving problems … the companies that deliver the best UX often don’t have the largest UX teams. - Peter Merholz"
PeterMerholz  quotes  quote  uxlondon  ux  gds  vanity  benterrett  francismaude 
april 2013 by benterrett
New British Government website wins Design of the Year award - Telegraph
"GOV.UK website, which promises to save the public £50 million a year, was praised by the jury of the award for its user experience and smart thinking, even prompting jury chair Ilse Crawford to say it raises the question, "What is design?""
designsoftheyear  govuk  government  gds  benterrett  vanity  IlseCrawford 
april 2013 by benterrett
Show DN: UK Government Digital Design-Standards Manual
The work being done on is easily some of the best digital design at the moment. Proper problem solving without ego or decoration. If you're an aspiring ux designer, this is the kind of work you should be looking at, not worrying about wether a 3px or a 6px border radius is the most fashionable.
govuk  gds  government  vanity 
april 2013 by benterrett
Thoughts on a ‘Responsive State’ | I like it. What is it?
"Ben Terrett boldly told a roomful of people gathered to recognise the release of a new report that there’s actually already far too much being written and not enough being done."
benterret  vanity  report  publicsector  government 
april 2013 by benterrett
Designs of the Year 2013, Design Museum - exhibition review - Exhibitions - Going Out - London Evening Standard
"Sometimes it is not high-tech solutions that are needed but the simple act of bringing order to chaos: the new website, for example, combines all the Government’s content into a single site that is as neat and functional as the London Underground map."
government  vanity  gds  govuk 
march 2013 by benterrett goes worldwide | Analysis | Design Week
"A strong contender for the Design Museum’s Designs of the Year Award, as well as being emulated worldwide, 2013 could be the year takes its place in the long line of key UK public service design projects."
designweek  gds  government  vanity  benterrett 
march 2013 by benterrett
VISI / Articles / Design Indaba Conference 2013: Day 1
"Not only had none of us heard of Ben Terrett but his description as head of design for the UK government sounded like a snooze cruise"
gds  government  benterrett  vanity  funny 
february 2013 by benterrett
Design Indaba – Day 1 Speaker Insights | Word on the street
Almost exactly what I said - "Ben introduced his talk with Design Principles that outline all users needs and not the needs of the Government, as he is the Head of Design for the Government Digital Services unit that operates in the UK. They have taken multiple webpages and have consolidated them all into one single point of contact. He contrasted between graphic design, typography as well as user journey and experience. The process of having the problem, ‘A’ and getting to the solution, ‘B’ was described as a transitional design that integrates all forms of communication and messaging that adds more value not only to the user but to the brand as well. Thus, transforming a collection of messaging into an amalgamated collective."
bent  gds  designindaba  vanity  funny 
february 2013 by benterrett
Be a Creative Pioneer
"During my final term of Leeds College of Art, I attended a talk by Ben Terrett, a design director at W&K at the time. Ben shared his experiences of trying to obtain that first elusive graduate job. He submitted 100 applications before he landed his first job as a designer. 100! The number terrified me, but prepared me"
education  recruitment  vanity 
february 2013 by benterrett
Work to make it simple
"London is in the middle of a design renaissance, with some of the best work coming from the public service. The single UK government website, launched last year, is attracting admiring gasps from around the world. This is great work built on good process. "
vanity  eyemagazine  benterrett  gds  govuk  government  design 
february 2013 by benterrett
» Design of Understanding 2013 Aden Davies
‘What is the user need, not what is the government need’ Replace the word government with your industry and there is the focus so often disregarded. If you forget that then you are only going to be ever designing from a point of misunderstanding.
adendavies  designofunderstanding  gds  gdsdesignprinciples  benterrett  talks  vanity  conference 
february 2013 by benterrett
What is your favourite design from the past 12 months? | Voxpop | Design Week
The longlist for this year’s Designs of the Year Award is very long indeed. Very hard to pick my favourite, since many of the nominees require engagement and interaction. But, from reading through them all online, there are a few that stick out above the rest. The site is especially great, especially from an inclusive design aspect;
govuk  gds  designsoftheyear  design  vanity 
january 2013 by benterrett
What does Dior and a group of ex-cons have in common?
"Nominees in other categories include the Four Freedoms Park in New York City, the long-gestating monument to Franklin Roosevelt designed by the late Louis Khan; Marni’s limited edition 100 Chairs, which were built by ex-prisoners in Columbia from salvaged materials; and even the website.

How can the Design Museum compare film costumes with parks with government websites? The only answer I have is what they’ve chosen in the past. Among the previous winners are Shepard Fairey’s iconic Barack Obama Poster (2009), Min-Kyu Choi’s Folding Plug (2010); and, most recently, Barber Osgerby’s London 2012 Olympic Torch. Suffice to say, this is one awards competition that is not predictable."
designmuseum  gds  vanity 
january 2013 by benterrett
Shortlist balances form against function
"The digital category includes Eben Upton’s Raspberry Pi, a cheap microprocessor on which to learn programming, an the UK government’s ambitious attempt to combine its websites into one public interface... ...This newer concern with life-changing products and social value is hugely welcome and perhaps it indicates a shift in sensibility from beauty for its own sake to value that emerges from usefulness, just as William Morris advocated in the 1850s."
gds  design  government  designsoftheyear  awards  vanity 
january 2013 by benterrett
Windows Phone 8 Nominated for Design Award
"Mr. Collard said the U.K. government site was a great example of how a common identity had been brought to such a huge range of sites and information demands.

“If you look back, road signs in Britain for years had very different graphics and fonts and very different legibility. It was a mess. [Then] Margaret Calvert came along to reinvent the road signage into the language we use today; this is a similar kind of story.”'
designmuseum  designsoftheyear  gds  government  vanity  awards  calvert 
january 2013 by benterrett
jaggeree /Blog : : Things I loved from 2012 (better late than never).
"I don’t want to sound too fanboyish but I think they’re on a level with Ram’s 10 rules. I also think they’re universally applicable to any startup, not just government."
christhorpe  gds  government  designprinciples  vanity 
january 2013 by benterrett
Design Week - Editor's Picks - My design top five from 2012
"it has delivered what is probably the UK’s most important design project of 2012."
design  2012  gds  government  policy  benterrett  vanity  govuk 
december 2012 by benterrett
Design Week - 2012 Review - the year in design policy
"In some areas we have seen remarkable progression: the government has employed exemplary design principles in revolutionising its web presence, held “how to do design thinking” seminars for top civil servants, and is about to pass a law increasing IP protection for iconic industrial designs"
design  2012  gds  government  policy  benterrett  vanity 
december 2012 by benterrett
Emily Wright - Designer of
"What are your three favorite online tools or resources and what do you love about them? The Gov.UK design principles:"
designprinciples  vanity  gds  government  design 
december 2012 by benterrett
The current state of design | Supercool
"But at the moment it feels a bit weird to be so proud of the government's website."
gds  govuk  design  vanity 
december 2012 by benterrett
Copywriting of the year?
"Very, very few creative projects live up to words like ‘revolutionary’ or ‘transformative’, much as they would like to. This one really does. It’s a masterpiece. I just cannot praise it enough. "
copywriting  mikereed  gds  government  vanity  good 
december 2012 by benterrett
The UK Government Shows How to Design for Simplicity | Design Thinking
" is a wonderful example of the power of design to make the complex simple"
timbrown  ideo  benterrett  vanity  govuk  government  gds 
december 2012 by benterrett
A very good thing...
"I love the way it looks. I love that the content is written in plain English that I can read quickly and understand readily. I love that the pages look smart and that huge care has been taken about the layout and small things like the choice of typefaces. I think it is great that the content displays as well on mobile devices as it does on screen. I think it's brilliant that the look and feel will be consistent whichever department provides the content. I love the style. It beams confidence. It makes me think about Government differently.

I love the way that the Government Digital Service (GDS) have gone about the job. Their design principles are marvellous."
gds  insidegov  government  vanity 
november 2012 by benterrett
It's Nice That : Opinion: Does the government now 'get' digital?
"a beautifully designed, impeccably functional piece of digital design"
vanity  gds  government  govuk  design  digital 
november 2012 by benterrett
This week at GDS | Government Digital Service
"Ben Terrett and I helped deliver a design summit at Number 10, running a series of workshops with students and tutors from the RCA and elsewhere to teach colleagues across government the core principles of service design"
mikebracken  gds  government  benterrett  vanity  rca  number10 
november 2012 by benterrett
In Praise of : Eclectic Dreams
"Given I have pretty much hated the major policies of the current coalition, it seems very strange to be congratulating it, but for their support of this one project they really deserve it. They’ve given us a UK website to be proud of."
ux  userexperience  design  vanity  user  government  gds  govuk 
november 2012 by benterrett
If the government can do it…. (a love letter to | disambiguity
From the very beginning, the team have been sharing their methodology and rationale, their project documentation and even their code. They have been helping to enable the rest of the world – not just governments – to improve their practice and make better digital products.
LeisaReichelt  Leisa  ux  design  ui  interface  organisation  management  government  gds  vanity 
october 2012 by benterrett and the challenge of user-led government | plate and serve
"The overall look and feel is fantastic. It’s how government should be. Simple clean and with all unnecessary obstacles removed. It’s a site that gets out of the way. I had no problems at all using what was there. Getting the next bank holiday slap bang in the middle of the page is great. When it comes to interface – this is a great step forward."
govuk  gds  government  design  vanity 
october 2012 by benterrett
GOV.UK offers best practice insights
"All of these things showcase the changing nature of government websites. Once considered old-fashioned and out of touch, GOV.UK is pushing on with not only a sleek and modern design, but also working practices that many others in the industry would do well to consider."
govuk  gds  government  design  vanity  urls  tech 
october 2012 by benterrett
Open source and government as a platform | Digital by Default
Tim O’Reilly gave an updated version of his ‘Government as a platform’ talk that he has been talking about since about 2009 I think. I am a big fan of Tim, his company and his take on digital government so it was great to hear him speak ‘live’.

Two of the things he spoke about early on were things I’ve written about here before – namely the wonderful GDS Design Principles and also the need to take lessons from the ‘lean startup’ movement – particularly when it comes to the need for data driven decision making.
timoreilly  designprinciples  government  gds  vanity 
october 2012 by benterrett
Design for GOV.UK, Moorhouse — Notes on design, technology and creativity
The way of working is also very transparent — regular updates from different teams, show and tell sessions and workshops, walls covered in work in progress and design ideas/inspiration, design crits, brilliant design principles, public APIs, a public codebase. I could go on. It’s more reminiscent of a creative company than a government department.
design  gds  iteration  guymoorehouse  vanity  government 
october 2012 by benterrett
The UK has principles :: Blog :: The Image Group
"This entire list suggests that the United Kingdom is open to exploring the possibility that it should be designing it’s systems to be flexible, user centric and open; that the website (and by extension, the government of the UK) actually sees the value in design for the betterment of society"
govuk  vanity  design  government 
september 2012 by benterrett
Brickstarter – Brickstarter prototype v0.1, and using sketches to ask questions
"To this end (and incidentally, reflecting the fact that designing and coding should be done at the same time—they are in fact the same thing), we have a coded-up prototype too, which we’ll post shortly. Even there, there are implications. Only a few in the public sector, like the UK’s Government Digital Services, for instance, are producing contemporary work at high-quality, quickly, and at scale,"
danhill  gds  vanity  christheathcote  design  government  publicservcies 
june 2012 by benterrett
Eye blog » Let’s hear it for the hinting slaves. Type Tuesday: Ampersand Web Typography Conference 2012
"He lampooned Google’s promise of ‘three quick steps to a good-looking website’ as wrong thinking, and cited the Government Digital Service’s Design Principles as good practice."
gds  conference  eye  ampersand  vanity  philbaines 
june 2012 by benterrett
Some great design advice from the UK Government « The Dictionary of Specific Generalities
The UK Government aren’t the first people you’d turn to for design advice, so this may come as a bit of a surprise. The design principles from the Government Digital Service are possibly the best I’ve ever seen. And they extend way beyond the world of digital and design.
gds  designprinciples  govuk  vanity 
may 2012 by benterrett
Present future history « Dubdog
"GDS have also put their thoughts and design beliefs centre stage of what they are doing by publishing a set of Design Principles. This manifesto has ideals at its core, ideals for making Government delivered digital services work for the end user; efficiently, transparently, functionally. Practicing Form Follows Function, the Bauhaus masters would be pleased."
vanity  design  gds  designprinciples  government 
may 2012 by benterrett
Welcome to the Era of Design - Forbes
"Even the UK government has issued its “design principles,” naturally on a clean, easy-to-navigate website."
forbes  design  govuk  gds  gdsdesignprinciples  vanity 
may 2012 by benterrett design principles a great foundation for web design | Hypenotic
"The inspiration is also manifest in the site’s own simple, accessible, even inviting interface. There’s plenty of negative space (space between page elements) to make people feel like there’s no hurry here (“Keep calm…”), no hidden tricks that only the cognoscenti will understand. Good design is for everyone."
design  gds  gdsdesignprinciples  vanity 
april 2012 by benterrett
GOV.UK’s Design Principles are big news for intranets |
"For a moment, while reading this, I found myself actually shaking with happiness. It felt so good to see so much of what I believe to be true, put so clearly, in attractive way"
vanity  gds  gdsdesignprinciples 
april 2012 by benterrett
An Essay on the New Aesthetic | Beyond The Beyond |
I admired the way that panel behaved. Everyone participating in it (for the record, that was James Bridle, Joanne McNeil, Ben Terrett, Aaron Straup Cope, and Russell Davies) had a clear idea of what the concept meant and why it mattered to them. They were fully-briefed and they sounded plausible.
sxsw  sxnewaesthetic  newaesthetic  jamesbridle  brucesterling  riglondon  benterrett  vanity  future 
april 2012 by benterrett
jaggeree /Blog : : Products, not campaigns or products as campaigns.
The Guardian ads were doing something very different. They were ambient indicators for news. Big glanceables if you like that term. They bought the news stories into places where the network didn’t reach, deep underground.
guardian  vanity  christhorpe  w+k 
march 2012 by benterrett brings government IT projects into the 21st century - The Irish Times - Fri, Feb 10, 2012
But the website is a more ambitious than just a portal. It has a – relatively – small budget for a government IT venture: just under £2 million. And he’s putting it together more in the line of a hungry start-up than a cabinet department.

The site launched last week as a “beta”. It had been built in under six months, to a deadline, and within its budget. For an early stab at a government-wide system, it looks good and works well, guiding its users to such bureaucratic tasks as getting a new driving license or what to do when someone dies.

It certainly looks very different from a civil service site.
govuk  tomloosemore  gds  vanity 
february 2012 by benterrett
Reed Words - Blog > ‘The only strict rule is that the language shouldn’t get in the way.’ Amen.
This is no small change. It really is a transformation. Given that this is the first stage of the beta site, with much more development to come, the progress so far is amazing, and wonderfully refreshing. 
vanity  gds  govuk  mikereed 
february 2012 by benterrett
» I am a Government Digital Service fanboy Aden Davies
"Putting their money where their mouth is. Clever words in a PDF are all well and good but to execute that vision you need some talented and smart employees. GDS have certainly hired well. Mike Bracken as Executive Director, Tom Loosemore as Deputy Director and most recently Ben Terrett to head up design. These are just a handful of the great talent they are amassing but it shows they mean business and this is not some half baked statement of intent but a real desire to improve how government is interfaced with by the majority of people in the UK."
vanity  gds  adendavies 
february 2012 by benterrett
GOV.UK launches in beta | News | .net magazine
In terms of the site, we learned that we need to be explicit in both design and language. If you need people to see a particular design element, then fix it to the browser or make it bright pink. If someone has reached the end of a process then spell that out as loud and clear as possible.
richardpope  design  gds  vanity 
february 2012 by benterrett
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