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Ruby Pseudo Wants a Word: Umbro+Kasabian+England+Paris= Confused. by Shaun Savage
"Umbro should have just commissioned a tear-up between Dizze Rascal and Daft Punk in the Piazza of some continental capital city, using only plastic garden furniture and smashed bottles of Peroni for weapons. Now that would be interesting." That would be interesting.
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february 2010 by benterrett
England's captain John Terry has said that the country can win the World Cup in South Africa | Football | The Guardian
"We can win the World Cup, says the England captain John Terry" - Yes John. Well done. Everyone who enters can. England make the same mistake again.
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august 2009 by benterrett
» The New England Kit: Revealed! Umbro Blog
The new England Kit. Looks great, good idea to reveal it on the Umbro blog first.
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march 2009 by benterrett
Anorak News » Blog Archive » Umbro can’t plug new England shirt leak
"The photo has been removed becaue Umbro - get this - say it breaches their copyright."
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march 2009 by benterrett
New England Ball
Nice use of logo. Umbro are good at blogging.
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march 2009 by benterrett
Ben Foster's iPod-watching raises the bar for Manchester United | Manchester United - Times Online
The sight of Ben Foster staring at an iPod shortly before yesterday’s penalty shoot-out might have sent Manchester United supporters into all kinds of anxieties. Was this really the time to be listening to Coldplay? Or watching a video of Shakira?

In fact, Foster was watching footage of Tottenham Hotspur’s penalty-takers, which had been prepared by Eric Steele, United’s goalkeeping coach — a level of research and preparation that deserved to be rewarded with the Carling Cup, particularly with Spurs understood not to have practised spot-kicks.
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march 2009 by benterrett

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