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Episode Sixty Three: Disbanded; The Responsive OS
Nike is still an atoms company. If you take a look at their current executives[7], there's no one who knows how to build, launch and sustain digital products, never mind good digital products. In fact, Nike doesn't even appear to have a CTO. They have technology executives responsible for things like supply chain management and their, and even a "consumer technology officer" but their feet are still firmly planted in the pre-internet, pre-digital era. And you have no idea how painful it is to keep using the word "digital".
danhon  nike  apple  digital  wearables  tangibledigital  2014  management 
april 2014 by benterrett
Mercedes-Benz UK - More about Mercedes-Benz - Mercedes Live Race
On the afternoon of September 5, however, 13-times F1 winner David Coulthard will climb aboard a real 563hp Mercedes SLS AMG, and simultaneously gamers around the world will be invited to select the SLS from the GranTurismo 5 garage and line up against the great man for a race over 10 laps of a secret track. It could end up being the largest car race ever. And you could be in it.
tangibledigital  formulaone  davidcoulthard  race  game  mercedes  playstation 
august 2011 by benterrett
Practical Magic | Think Quarterly by Google
"Or think about the new Ford Mustang. It comes with two keys – stick one in and the car behaves normally; use the other and it becomes a racing beast. Each key animates the car differently." Planner turned blogger turned creative technologist Russell M Davies
tangibledigital  russelldavies 
august 2011 by benterrett
russell davies: what I meant to say at lift - part one - sharing, physicality, mixtapes and newspapers
"And that made me wonder if that's why people are liking Newspaper Club so much? Are we getting close to some sweet spot where you get the satisfactions of sharing a physical thing but with the convenience of sharing information. Is that what you can get when you add Digital Sharing Technologies to Physical Manifesting Technologies?"
russelldavies  newspaperclub  tangibledigital  digital 
june 2010 by benterrett
Innocent / AGM consumer cam / Contagious Magazine
"We have a history of exploring how the digital world and the real world can interact in more interesting ways. Sellotaping a phone to a hat seems like the obvious next step.' Said Russell Davies, founder of RIG." - words fail me
rig  vanity  russelldavies  innocent  tangibledigital 
may 2010 by benterrett
Sam Winston
Fun with type and data and stuff. Via Giles Brenard.
typography  type  data  dataviz  tangibledigital 
may 2010 by benterrett
BUTTONS: Between Blinks & Buttons
"It is a camera that will capture a moment at the press of a button. However, unlike a conventional analog or digital camera, this one doesn't have any optical parts. It allows you to capture your moment but in doing so, it effectively seperates it from the subject. Instead, as you will memorize the moment, the camera memorizes only the time and starts to continuously search on the net for other photos that have been taken in the very same moment."
camera  design  flickr  network  review10  nokia  apple  tangibledigital 
march 2010 by benterrett
Brit Insurance Designs of the Year: civilian applications
"Newspaper Club, a product of Really Interesting Group, does nothing more than place in the hands of their users the key to this means of production. They don’t reinvent journalism/marketing/propaganda/archival/literature, they just provide another method of broadcast, repurposing the machine that creates the thing." That's a good description Matt.
mattsheret  newspaperclub  postdigital  tangibledigital  designoftheyear10 
february 2010 by benterrett
Printing and Binding Your Blog for Posterity | William M. Bulkeley | Voices | AllThingsD
"“When we launched, people would say, ‘Who would want to print their blog?’” said Caroline Vanderlip, chief executive of SharedBook. But while demand was slow when the service was first introduced, she said after Google (GOOG) featured Blog2Print in a communication called “Blogger Buzz,” some 5,000 people clicked the link in 24 hours."
google  newspaperclub  printing  blogging  book  tangibledigital 
october 2009 by benterrett
Wikipedia : Rob Matthews
Lovely cover, lovely project. But like a lot of graphics design - unusable.
wikipedia  funny  postdigital  tangibledigital  students  newspaperclub  printing 
june 2009 by benterrett
Free Ranging « Katiemaybe’s Blog
"this brilliant live piece monitored twitter posts and detected their theme, then categorised them and processed the information to light up category bulbs everytime a new post was published." some good stuff here.
kateburns  twitter  tangibledigital  postdigital  digital  students  csm 
may 2009 by benterrett
Instapaper (analogue edition) (
Things I Would Rather Read On Paper - via lots of people, but Russell first.
pgram016  paper  postdigital  tangibledigital  instapaper  lulu  futureofthebook 
march 2009 by benterrett
Ben Foster's iPod-watching raises the bar for Manchester United | Manchester United - Times Online
The sight of Ben Foster staring at an iPod shortly before yesterday’s penalty shoot-out might have sent Manchester United supporters into all kinds of anxieties. Was this really the time to be listening to Coldplay? Or watching a video of Shakira?

In fact, Foster was watching footage of Tottenham Hotspur’s penalty-takers, which had been prepared by Eric Steele, United’s goalkeeping coach — a level of research and preparation that deserved to be rewarded with the Carling Cup, particularly with Spurs understood not to have practised spot-kicks.
digital  ipod  umbro  benfoster  manu  tangibledigital 
march 2009 by benterrett
Watermarks Project
Lovely, good, sensible, gorgeous looking project. Ticks all boxes.
tangibledigital  identity  bristol  good  idea  projection  sustainability  green  environment 
february 2009 by benterrett
10 emerging considerations to shape the design of the next generation of automotive retailing « archizoo
"Utility is the new luxury. Satisfaction of what I need and what I need to get done feels really rich right now. More than that is corrupt."
tangibledigital  tlcp  cars  Utility  luxury  sustainability 
february 2009 by benterrett
Stickier, Less Complicated Relationships - Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect
"there's an element of 'personal' yet it's not intrusive; its delivered in formats appropriate to the customer - from SMS to Facebook and pretty much everything in between; there is very little friction - the payoff for the cafe and the customer is way in excess of the effort required to make and accept the offer; it leverages existing infrastructure - no new hardware or software required."
twitter  web  2.0  tangibledigital  marketing  little  idea  good  janchipchase 
february 2009 by benterrett BMW Gina
"Enter the lycra-skinned GINA Light Visionary, BMW's newest concept car, which consists of a translucent fabric skin stretched over a four-paneled, reconfigurable aluminum frame."
bwm  tangibledigital  car  tlcp  design  chrisbangle 
february 2009 by benterrett
Curvy Kelly Brook promotes Pepsi MAX QR | The Sun |Showbiz|Bizarre
Kelly Brook launches QR codes on Pepsi cans. Odd, but somehow important.
kellybrook  pepsi  qr  tangibledigital  drinks 
december 2008 by benterrett
BBC NEWS | Magazine | Meet the world's director of time
"As 2008 turns to 2009 at the end of this month, an extra second will be added to every clock. But who decides exactly what time it is? Professor Brian Cox meets the man in charge of all our timekeeping - the world's director of time."
time  director  interesting  clock  slow  tangibledigital 
december 2008 by benterrett
Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect: Urban Printers
"If you live in the city lo-fi printers are everywhere - from ticketing machines to ATM's to cash registers" REF Jason Ifitkhar and compacted cardboard.
printer  city  janchipchase  printing  postdigital  tangibledigital 
november 2008 by benterrett
Terminal 5 Today - British Airways
I want this to be good, but it isn't. I just don't believe that all the moods are "calm" and "impressed" no one said "fucked off" or "I'm never fucking flying BA again"?
ba  generative  web  tangibledigital  live  moods  clouds  tags  data 
november 2008 by benterrett
BBC NEWS | Business | US debt clock runs out of digits
"The US government's debts have ballooned so badly the National Debt Clock in New York has run out of digits to record the spiralling figure."
tangibledigital  clock  nyc  government  recessionwatch  creditcrunch 
october 2008 by benterrett
The spectral memorials that haunt our roads | Art and design | The Observer
"now appearing in cities worldwide ghostly white bikes mark the spot where a cyclist has been killed."
cyclists  bikes  city  memorial  sculpture  art  infomatics  data  tangibledigital  map 
october 2008 by benterrett
The Digital Newsagent
PDF versions of your favourite mags. Hmmmmm. Might try it to see what it's like.
magazines  tangibledigital  digital  deadtreepress 
july 2008 by benterrett
This happened - Forthcoming
"It's a machine which makes postcards from images stuck in a flickr pool by Howies customers and delivers them via Heath Robinson pointlessness and delight to people in the shop." Which will make, which will make.
punkagram  russell  matttjones  tangibledigital  flickr  howies  pgram001 
may 2008 by benterrett
CNN Shirt: Weird fish leave sea, spawn on beach
You can now get CNN headlines printed on a tshirt. Fucking brilliant.
cnn  news  punkagram  tangibledigital  design  digital  dead  tree  press  idea  good 
april 2008 by benterrett
BBC NEWS | Education | See-saw to power African schools
"Ultimately I would love to design a whole playground of different pieces of equipment that could generate electricity" Brilliant. Brilliant.
design  designisthenewmanagementconsultancy  sustainability  ideas  good  tangibledigital 
march 2008 by benterrett
Apple hits the gym - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)
Nike+ moves to the gym equipment. It would be good if this was good. If you see what I mean.
apple  nike  plus  punkagram  tangibledigital  gym  running 
march 2008 by benterrett
russell davies: widget goodness 4 - magical things
"I suspect this means moving away from screens at both ends of the process. It means delivering smarts and information to the things in our pockets. It means getting things to talk, and to listen. And smell, and everything."
agencies  agency  design  sustainability  thinking  punkagram  tangibledigital 
december 2007 by benterrett
russell davies: widgety goodness 3 - meaning and fun
"When you take that data and try and sell me stuff it freaks me out, maybe it wouldn't be so bad if you let me play with it."
agencies  agency  design  sustainability  thinking  punkagram  tangibledigital 
december 2007 by benterrett
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