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"I think we'll be more and more involved in 'the second aesthetic' which is the aesthetic of the algorithm: the opportunity for a group of people to do, within a set of rules, a variety of things... An algorithm in a computer is a series of steps set up to solve a problem." - I love Matt Jones
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august 2010 by benterrett
Guest Post: Bierut to New York, Drop Dead « Felt and Wire
Awesome idea for a talk - Michael, who lives in the village along the Hudson, spoke of the “Seven Dead Brands of Sleepy Hollow.” These brands included Washington Irving, Old Croton Aqueduct, Maxwell-Briscoe Company, Kraft Fudgies, Pocantico Expressway, Gory Brook Road, and Village of North Tarrytown.
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november 2009 by benterrett
Blackbeltjones/Work: » Rough notes from Seymour Powell presentation, Singapore
"Usually great innovation is more about a series of small ideas brought together in a new and original way" BBJ on Seymour Powell's Singapore talk.
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february 2008 by benterrett
interesting talk on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Anne iLike's talk. Rumours that Anne has sold the iLike name to Apple for millions are simply not true.
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june 2007 by benterrett
Pentagram at D&AD - DesignersTalk
"The last one I went to was The Design Conspiracy at D&AD" I wasn't aware that we'd ever done a talk at the D&AD. Must have been whilst I was on holiday.
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may 2007 by benterrett

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