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Slow Down Now
"Do not be pushed into answering questions. A response is not the same as an answer. Ponder, take your time."
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january 2010 by benterrett
Polaroid Lives! | GOOD
"Today, the new holders of the Polariod brand announced that, in conjunction with the Impossible Project, Polaroids will live again. The Impossible Project will start producing film in 2010 (it will probably be expensive, as the two U.S.-based Polaroid film factories will not be reopened)" - slow and expensive, good.
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october 2009 by benterrett
Neat little site by Six To Start.
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april 2009 by benterrett
I'm an old meanie and proud of it: As the credit crunch bites, a make-do-and-mend thrift finds his time has finally come | Mail Online
"Today, manufacturers encourage us to chuck away stuff once their products conk out and urge us to buy a replacement. In fact, they make it cheaper to buy a new one than try to get someone to repair the old. Hence the art of making or repairing domestic items has long gone."
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april 2009 by benterrett
How buy clothes that last - Times Online
"If buying for warmth and durability, look for a minimum 60 per cent wool content, with perhaps 20 per cent silk and 20 per cent man-made."
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march 2009 by benterrett
BBC NEWS | Magazine | Meet the world's director of time
"As 2008 turns to 2009 at the end of this month, an extra second will be added to every clock. But who decides exactly what time it is? Professor Brian Cox meets the man in charge of all our timekeeping - the world's director of time."
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december 2008 by benterrett
Blogging at a Snail’s Pace -
" Russell Davies, a new media consultant in London... has turned the instantaneousness of Twitter on its head by asking readers to send him snail-mail postcards... because Dawdlr is updated so infrequently, few people have heard of it."

ie Like Twitter, but not as good.
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november 2008 by benterrett

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