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Capital offence rectified oop North - Diary - News - London Evening Standard
Foreign Secretary William Hague will be among those delighted to hear that after years of ridicule, councillors in Northallerton — county town of North Yorkshire and home to his constituency office — are to alter the town’s five entrance signs after complaints from business leaders, tourists and residents that they spelt the town’s name with a lower case “n”.

The “northallerton” signs were installed four years ago to give the town a dynamic modern image but instead made it a laughing stock. The council has spent a mere £65 changing the signs by sticking capital Ns over the lower case letters. That’s Progress, that is.
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march 2013 by benterrett
BBC NEWS | UK | Sainsbury's in lightbulb giveaway
Sainsbury's give away one million energy-saving lightbulbs at its stores on Saturday. Timed for when the clocks go back. Decent idea. Nice.
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october 2007 by benterrett
Russell's Wattson
"In some ways it's just a silly, indulgent, middle-class eco-worrier, gadget freak toy."
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october 2007 by benterrett
Money Saving Expert: Consumer Revenge:Consumer Revenge - Credit Cards, Shopping, Bank Charges, Cheap Flights and more
"The Flightchecker is the classic example, it’s the least commercially sensible tool ever – it shows people how to get 1p flights, there’s no way to monetarise that, which is why no one else has made one. Yet for me – the fact it works and is usef
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