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Russell Davies: Kakonomy
"I suspect this explains quite a lot of advertising categories."
russelldavies  advertising  marketing  timharford 
october 2016 by benterrett
Russell Davies: daddy, what's a brand? part 1
Stop saying brand. "How about if we just used these words - product, service, company (or organisation) and reputation. And maybe, if we really have to, image."
russelldavies  branding  brand  identity  good 
september 2015 by benterrett
Russell Davies: Consumers, users, people, mammals
You see a similar phenomenon on the railways. When they start calling you a customer rather than a passenger they forget that their primary responsibility is providing you with passage and start to concentrate on winning your custom. So budgets and priorities swing away from punctuality and train staff and towards clever jokes in the toilets.
language  russelldavies  government  identity 
june 2014 by benterrett
The smart businesses are investing in things that will make your clients obsolete | Advertising news | Campaign
Meanwhile, the smart money is moving elsewhere – they’re taking the money you gave them for ads and spending it on things that will end your clients’ industries. Google is spending on robotics and self-driving cars – that’s not an advertising play, that’s a getting-out-of-advertising play.
russelldavies  google  digital  future  2014  good 
april 2014 by benterrett
russell davies: the web, the web, the web
I Am Further Acknowledging Again That This Is Hard: It's hard because you have thousands of skus and legacy systems tied into horrible service contracts in competing regions, divisions and cultures. Fair enough. That's what you have to solve. That's why it's not a technology problem.

If you have so many products that you can't build a website that can easily surface them - then you have too many products.

If you have a corporate structure that means customers can't find the stuff they want - then you have the wrong corporate structure.
russelldavies  technology  sony  management  digital  web 
october 2013 by benterrett
Smart watches will work – but not in the way we expect
Maybe they'll be right, but perhaps watches now are like MP3 players before the iPod or portable stereos before the Walkman. We can all sort of see what they might be like, but until they work really well we won't completely understand their possibilities
watches  apple  samsung  observer  tech  russelldavies 
september 2013 by benterrett
russell davies: help!
"The former kind of commuter won’t be remotely surprised to learn that it often doesn’t: numerous studies have shown commuting to be among the most misery-inducing of daily activities, highly correlated with stress and social isolation, often far outweighing the benefits.101 The Swiss economists Alois Stutzer and Bruno Frey call this the ‘commuter’s paradox’, though really it’s less of a paradox than a cognitive mistake: people chronically underestimate the downsides of a long commute, while overestimating the upsides of (say) a bigger house."
russelldavies  cmmuting  travel  ordinary  AloisStutzer  BrunoFrey  OliverBurkeman 
december 2012 by benterrett
Russell Davies: If you're a planner, prepare to unleash your creative streak | Advertising news | Campaign
"Personally, for instance, I'm convinced that the most potent and fecund creative unit of the next 20 years is going to be a team of a designer and a strategist. That's who businesses will want solving their problems. Could you do that? Can you talk about affordances and desire paths and say "canonical" a lot?"
russelldavies  benterrett  future  agency  punkagram 
december 2012 by benterrett
Ideasicle Podcast Episode #24: Russell Davies
"Russell says stop complaining about things you volunteered to do."
russelldavies  complaining  quotes  agency  punkagram 
april 2012 by benterrett
Russell Davies, world famous gastronome and author of “eggsbaconchipsandbeans,” has words of wisdom on retro-publishing! - AdScam/The Horror!
"As usual, Russell is fucking brilliant. If it's a magazine, why do you need all that other interactive shit. It's a fucking magazine."
russelldavies  newspaperclub  psfk  publishing  magazine  funny  quotes 
march 2012 by benterrett
Writing simply: language choices for the GOV.UK navigation | Government Digital Service
There’s not a fancy new logo or identity for GOV.UK, partly to save time and money, partly because the URL is what we want people to remember – we want them to know that GOV.UK is the place they need, they don’t have to discover or understand any new names or identities. But, to make the name feel a little more like an actual identity (or as we keep saying in the office ‘a thing’) we’ve decided to always write it in CAPS. It’s a tiny detail but hopefully it’ll help GOV.UK stick in the mind. For those who wonder if we’re wasting too much time on things like this, we talked about it for about 10 minutes.
russelldavies  gds  govuk  identity  design  logo  writing  copy 
february 2012 by benterrett
Practical Magic | Think Quarterly by Google
"Or think about the new Ford Mustang. It comes with two keys – stick one in and the car behaves normally; use the other and it becomes a racing beast. Each key animates the car differently." Planner turned blogger turned creative technologist Russell M Davies
tangibledigital  russelldavies 
august 2011 by benterrett
Watching Watches
"I think this all connects to the measuring pebbles thought somehow and the idea that as we move "post PC" then we'll start to develop little networks around our mobile devices. Notifications will be distributed around our bodies where they make sense. In our earphones, on our wrists, perhaps a little speaker in our collars or an LED on our laces."
watch  postpc  computers  apple  nike  nokia  phones  wrists  russelldavies  good  writing  blogging  review11 
june 2011 by benterrett
russell davies: winky dink and you
Very good. I even left a comment. See if you can find it.
russelldavies  telly  design  apple  screens  review10  stickers  modification 
november 2010 by benterrett
russell davies: cognitive surplus - blog all dog-eared pages
"This is huge. And it's bigger than the internet. I suspect 'creating something personal, even of moderate quality' and letting people share it is going to be one of the business models of the century. And one of the social movements. Which will be even more interesting if we can squeeze the convenience and scale of the internet into other places."
design  diy  diydesign  designisthenewmanagementconsultancy  review10  clayshirky  book  russelldavies  make  pa  papernet 
june 2010 by benterrett
russell davies: what I meant to say at lift - part one - sharing, physicality, mixtapes and newspapers
"And that made me wonder if that's why people are liking Newspaper Club so much? Are we getting close to some sweet spot where you get the satisfactions of sharing a physical thing but with the convenience of sharing information. Is that what you can get when you add Digital Sharing Technologies to Physical Manifesting Technologies?"
russelldavies  newspaperclub  tangibledigital  digital 
june 2010 by benterrett
Innocent / AGM consumer cam / Contagious Magazine
"We have a history of exploring how the digital world and the real world can interact in more interesting ways. Sellotaping a phone to a hat seems like the obvious next step.' Said Russell Davies, founder of RIG." - words fail me
rig  vanity  russelldavies  innocent  tangibledigital 
may 2010 by benterrett
Lift10: Printing the internet out (Russell Davies) — Climb to the Stars
Ad-blogger turned executive Russell Davies speaks at a conference about the elevator industry.
lift10  russelldavies 
may 2010 by benterrett
russell davies: day 24 - a song that you want to play at your funeral - last train to trancentral
Russell's funeral plan. Saving here in case I'm the only one who attends. At least, the only one who attends who still reads his blog.
russelldavies  funeral 
april 2010 by benterrett
russell davies
"Nobody tries to be lah-di-dah or uppity, There a cuppa-tea for all" If we didn't already have a company motto (Lorem Ipsum) I'd use that. Maybe we should have it engraved over the door as a mission statement." - Russell Davies ex ad executive turned Head of Internal Comms at Newspaper Club
newspaperclub  russelldavies 
april 2010 by benterrett
Phase 2.0 | Features | Design Week
"With his Newspaper Club launching in January, digital pundit Russell Davies wants to use spare capacity at printing presses to let people make their own newspapers." Classic Design Week.
designweek  newspaperclub  vanity  russelldavies 
november 2009 by benterrett
russell davies: the internet isn't killing anything
At last planner Russell Davies writes something useful on his website.
presentations  funny  true  quotes  russelldavies 
november 2009 by benterrett
russell davies: what would clay do?
Very good post from the planner Russell Davies. He's right about this “The discipline here was that the invitation says that it’s going to be fun even if two dozen of you show up,” and he's right about this "we're not pretending to be working too hard" lots of small companies pretend to work too hard. And he's right about this "we're not willing to do all that disruption/us-versus-the-dinosaurs talk".

And to think I thought it was all cute tactics.
newspaperclub  russelldavies  punkagram  business  businessmodels  4ip  startup  review09 
october 2009 by benterrett
together-in-between: Tonal Planning
"Russell Davies on the other hand, is to me anyway, the Martin Parr of planning... When I read his blog I think of design both in terms of its visual sense and in terms of the mathematics of design. I say he's our engineer planner."
design  planning  rig  russelldavies  reallyinterestinggroup 
march 2009 by benterrett
Programme info for Revival: St Bride Library
Lots of very good people speaking here (David Pearson, Officina Tipográfica São Paulo, Kath & Julia, Yulia Brodskaya) and err, us.
vanity  rig  pgram016  print  stbrides  russelldavies  reallyinterestinggroup 
february 2009 by benterrett
russell davies: snowday
"Bad things: People complaining about the collapse of the infrastructure. There are no other bad things." Agree entirely.
snow  russelldavies 
february 2009 by benterrett
BBC NEWS | Business | Late Christmas rush boosts Hornby
"Toymaker Hornby has said its full-year results will meet the lower end of market forecasts after a late surge in sales in the run up to Christmas. Hornby added that "strong demand" for its products had continued into 2009."
lyddleend2050  russelldavies  funny  model  Lyddle  End  2050 
january 2009 by benterrett
The Penguin Blog: A Day of Bookish Experimentation
I got an invite so therefore I must be one of the "excellent people" they speak of.
bookcamp  futureofthebook  penguin  conference  russelldavies 
december 2008 by benterrett
Blogging at a Snail’s Pace -
" Russell Davies, a new media consultant in London... has turned the instantaneousness of Twitter on its head by asking readers to send him snail-mail postcards... because Dawdlr is updated so infrequently, few people have heard of it."

ie Like Twitter, but not as good.
rig  punkagram  russelldavies  nyt  dawdlr  slow  blogging  funny  reallyinterestinggroup 
november 2008 by benterrett
Media Perspective: At last, here's an art director who is just as good with words - Campaign Magazine Features - Campaign Magazine
"He may be a regular contributor to the Design Observer blog but he doesn't exhibit the horrible habits of we bloggers: hyperbole, using the word "stuff" a lot, tailing off with an anyway ..."
russelldavies  michaelbierut  essay  campaign  article  book  pentagram 
november 2008 by benterrett
Interesting 2008 | From the Guardian |
Davies gets his own section in The Guardian. I'm impressed, that's impressive.
guardian  interesting  2008  russelldavies 
june 2008 by benterrett

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