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Hiut Denim Co: The jeans with the app that tells their history - Telegraph
"Each pair produced will have a code sewn into them and at each stage of production Hieatt's Grand Masters will photograph the jeans for the History Tag app - 'so when you buy a pair of jeans you will not only get a receipt, you will get pictures of your jeans being born."
historytag  hiut  jeans  fashion  rig 
march 2012 by benterrett
James Bridle – Waving at the Machines | Web Directions
The subtitle of the talk is, “It’s 2011 and I Have No Idea What Anything Is or What It Does Anymore”, which is what my friend Tom Taylor always says when I talk to him
jamesbridle  rig  tomtaylor  newaesthetic  quotes 
december 2011 by benterrett
Lextant :: Blog
"Don’t think by any means it was a total waste; Bob Marchant of Modo, Ben Terrett of Really Interesting Group, and John Hoke of Nike were standouts who had a unique take on DIY, placed their work in a larger context, and left the audience with learnings or ideas that could affect their own work"
vanity  benterrett  rig 
september 2011 by benterrett
Tall tales | ES Magazine
And this is just the beginning, say the experts. 'Machine-to-machine communication will overtake human-to-human and human-to-machine very soon,' says Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino of the Shoreditch-based design partnership Really Interesting Group.
AlexandraDeschampsSonsino  rig  internetfridge 
may 2011 by benterrett
Archives & Open data | The HighWire
Open data & archives have been on my mind this week. Starting with a HighWire talk with the BBC we spoke of ‘perceptive media’, ‘object orientated media & production’ and ‘holodecks’ (kid you not). Here we spoke of the challenges and possibilities of opening and managing the now vast BBC archives. This was followed by tales of an adventure by RIG to HSBC archives, interesting finds from the banking sector and not at all what you would expect. Finally today, an open data workshop today with Julian Tate & Gerd Kortuem.
rig  data  bbc  hsbc 
march 2011 by benterrett
‘What I Really Want Is Someone Rolling Around in the Text’ -
"Bridle argues that in a world in which we’ll no longer own books as discrete physical objects, the only really meaningful thing we’ll own will be the reading experience itself."
jamesbridle  rig  books  publishing 
march 2011 by benterrett
2010: The Booktwo/STML Yearnotes |
"And all this time I’ve just been talking about me, rather than all the incredible things my friends and colleagues are doing. The BRIG is my superpower, and I can’t thank Russell, Tom and Ben enough for their kindness, generosity and piss-taking/advice throughout the year. And Phil and Matt and Chris and Alex and everyone at BERG and you know who you are. Honoured to know you."
jamesbridle  rig  brig 
january 2011 by benterrett
Google Instant means search results before you finish typing | Technology |
"In 2000 we thought the idea of being able to search before you typed was so weird we made it our April Fools joke," Mayer, one of Google's longest-standing employees, noted. "Just 10 years later we're seeing that it's actually possible." - large corporation adopts RIG's business strategy
rig  google  search  funny  quote 
september 2010 by benterrett
Innocent / AGM consumer cam / Contagious Magazine
"We have a history of exploring how the digital world and the real world can interact in more interesting ways. Sellotaping a phone to a hat seems like the obvious next step.' Said Russell Davies, founder of RIG." - words fail me
rig  vanity  russelldavies  innocent  tangibledigital 
may 2010 by benterrett
John V Willshire | Changing Media Summit |
"I'm inspired by the people who're thinking 'between the gaps' of the old, established order of things… groups like design consultancy Berg who're 'finding opportunities in networks and things', or the Really Interesting Group who're working in 'Post Digital Design'…"
vanity  funny  rig  berg  brig 
march 2010 by benterrett
Week 349 (Phil Gyford’s website)
"I’m happy to look back at this week — working on an interesting project for good people, in “my” office surrounded by friends. Yes." Very satisfying to have played a very small part in Phil's 'yes'.
brig  berg  rig  philgyford  punkagram 
february 2010 by benterrett
Lord of the Logos, Christophe Szpajdel | Logo Design Love
"I first thought it was for a band called RIG and thought oil rig. I asked Ben Terrett for as much detail as possible and he was fairly laconic in what he wanted. I digged a bit more and found out he loves AC/DC as lettering, so i created a very simple logo. After that, I got a lot of interest, and this is how i met you, Blair, and even more interesting is that you just live next door to me! How cool is that?"
benterrett  ChristopheSzpajdel  logo  branding  rig  vanity 
february 2010 by benterrett
Week 239 – Blog – BERG
"sharing a brand new studio with our best, most talented friends" They are and it is great.
rig  berg  brig  review10 
january 2010 by benterrett
2009: The Booktwo/STML Year in Review |
"People are good, and I’m really excited that I’ll be working at a desk in the RIG (and BERG) offices from January, surrounded by clever, clever people."
rig  vanity  jamesbridle  brig 
january 2010 by benterrett
Resources - European Journalism Centre
"the World Association of Newspapers has recommended these be a part of newspapers’ attempts to stay relevant: Newspapers could create as many niche products as they want, which can be distributed in many ways: electronically via email, in pdf format, printed at home, or distributed as an insert to a traditional newspaper. The idea is to build many ultra-niche products.”
newspaper  newspaperclub  vanity  rig  benterrett  deadtreepress 
september 2009 by benterrett
Warren Ellis » The Newspaper Club
"I think this could be really, really interesting"
rig  newspaperclub  vanity  warrenellis 
july 2009 by benterrett
ADVANCE BLOG » Blog Archive » The Newspaper Club
"There’s so much chatter about the future of print, but, until now, almost no-one’s actually gone out and actually tried to do something that might provide some answers. But anyway. This is a great start, and I’m full of admiration."
newspaperclub  rig  vanity  print  printing  future 
july 2009 by benterrett
4iP | 4iP invests in Newspaper Club
"Revenue for Newspaper Club will be generated by taking a small percentage off the the printing price as well as selling bespoke solutions to larger corporate clients requiring a more sophisticated service. The BBC are the first customer using a very early version of the system for an internal newsletter." Sales & Marketing trying their best.
newspaperclub  rig  4ip 
july 2009 by benterrett
BBC - The Knowledge Exchange Blog
"If you see a particularly colourful newspaper lying on the desks of the 'great' and the 'good' over the next few months it could well be the AHRC/BBC Knowledge Exchange Programme's new publication, 8."
#8essays  8essays  rig  newspaperclub  bbc  review09 
july 2009 by benterrett
people clouds (tecznotes)
"That group of three re:'s happens to be the Really Interesting Group" - Chuffed and flattered.
rig  newspaperclub  michalmigurski  tags  design  clustering 
june 2009 by benterrett
Taptu. The alternative search machine
Very similar to the logo I worked on. Looks good.
taptu  rig  identity  logo 
june 2009 by benterrett
Week One - A Comprehensive Review
"We call this the Paninaro strategy." We have the best named strategy in the UK.
strategy  paninaro  newspaperclub  rig  4ip 
june 2009 by benterrett
walking papers lives (tecznotes)
"The project is most particularly inspired by Aaron Cope of Flickr and Ben / Russell / Tom at Really Interesting Group, whose Papercamp / Papernet and Things Our Friends Have Written On The Internet 2008 help all this post-digital, medieval technology make sense. " Good company.
rig  pgram016  newspaperclub  paper  postdigital 
june 2009 by benterrett
russell davies: BIG
"If you need to put a huge picture of the client in the lobby to get the building made, then do that, and don't do it grudgingly, do it well, make it good, make it a postive."
good  agency  rig  punkagram  big  architecture  future 
april 2009 by benterrett
A palimpsest for a place: The Incidental at Salone Di Mobile 2009 « Magical Nihilism
"We were clearly riffing on the work done by our friends at the RIG" feel free to riff any time you like.
rig  pgram016  paper  papercamp  mattjones  schulzeandwebb  milan09 
april 2009 by benterrett
OAB’s at St Brides - the johnson banks thought for the week
"Ben Terrett & Russell Davies of The Really Interesting Group will talk about the role of printing and paper in a post-digital world, and hopefully revealing what ‘post-digital’ actually means." Hopefully.
vanity  rig  michaeljohnson 
april 2009 by benterrett
The Incidental
"The first print issue of The Incidental is here and looking splendid! Our fleet of distributors will be hitting the streets in the next hour"
postdigital  mattjones  schulzeandwebb  milan09  paper  newspaper  rig 
april 2009 by benterrett
scraplab : where in the world is james?
"James got in touch before he left and we quickly developed a live dashboard, tracking progress and raising awareness of his 6 month journey. Where in the World is James?"
rig  tomtaylor  data  cycling  world  tracking  spime  satellite  gps 
april 2009 by benterrett
Eye blog » Revival! preview. Speed-dating, craft, obsessive photography and The DFC
"Ben Terrett and Russell Davies of the Really Interesting Group discuss the rationale behind their almost perverse project to put into print only material generated online." Eye Magazine. Grrrr.
eye  magazines  stbrides  conference  rig  pgram016 
april 2009 by benterrett
Jonathan Cherry - S3FM by 'Really Interesting Group'
"Russell and the really interesting group never ceases to amaze me." Me neither.
s3fm  rig 
april 2009 by benterrett
Shhh! « Katiemaybe’s Blog
"I’ve been asked to work on a poster campaign. With a couple of my fda peers and Ben Terrett of the R.I.G. who set the brief for Dopplr." - Ben Terrett of the R.I.G, sounds good.
rig  kateburns  lcc 
april 2009 by benterrett
» The New England Kit: Revealed! Umbro Blog
The new England Kit. Looks great, good idea to reveal it on the Umbro blog first.
umbro  blog  kit  england  marketing  anomaly  rig 
march 2009 by benterrett
BBC NEWS | Technology | Win for UK story-telling website
Amazing news for Dan and Adrian and all the other cool people with that great logo...
rig  sixtostart  penguin  futureofthebook  danhon  adrianhon  sxsw 
march 2009 by benterrett
Internet map that pinpoints danger spots for cyclists to avoid | News
Entry criteria No.1 for RIG partners - must have featured in a wildly inaccurate article in the Evening Standard.
rig  tomtaylor  maps  funny  cyclists  safety  cycling 
march 2009 by benterrett
scraplab : my last day at headshift
"So that’s what I’ll do, as a freelancer and as part of the Really Interesting Group." That's what you should all do. Subject to our strict vetting procedure, of course.
rig  tomtaylor 
march 2009 by benterrett
together-in-between: Tonal Planning
"Russell Davies on the other hand, is to me anyway, the Martin Parr of planning... When I read his blog I think of design both in terms of its visual sense and in terms of the mathematics of design. I say he's our engineer planner."
design  planning  rig  russelldavies  reallyinterestinggroup 
march 2009 by benterrett
S3 Radio
Build your own radio station! Brilliant!
pgram027  s3fm  rig  tomtaylor  reallyinterestinggroup 
february 2009 by benterrett
BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Crisis in the US newspaper industry
"Professor Henry warns that this could cause problems of its own.

"What happens if journalism must depend for its survival solely on the altruism of rich people, whose own special interests may invariably sway coverage?"

His faculty is experimenting with a new business model. "
newspaper  rig  pgram016  deadtreepress  newyorktimes  creditcrunch  businessmodels  reallyinterestinggroup 
february 2009 by benterrett
Programme info for Revival: St Bride Library
Lots of very good people speaking here (David Pearson, Officina Tipográfica São Paulo, Kath & Julia, Yulia Brodskaya) and err, us.
vanity  rig  pgram016  print  stbrides  russelldavies  reallyinterestinggroup 
february 2009 by benterrett
Reasons to Prefer Print Over Online Publishing
Aaron Cope's papernet concept → PaperCamp → BookCamp → Marks and Meaning → Russell Davies' 'new schtick' → Ben Terrett's 'Things Our Friends Have Written on the Internet' project
rig  vanity  pgram016  paper  deadtreepress  projects  future  punkagram  reallyinterestinggroup 
february 2009 by benterrett
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