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Media Perspective: How Generation Y's ADHD is affecting media consumption - Brand Republic News
Second, how many campaigns take advantage of simultaneous media use? Certainly more campaigns are "layering" technology into the solution (check out Arcade Fire's use of Google Earth in their new video), and more campaigns are using different channels for different bits of the story - but that's not the same thing. Channel 4's Skins and Nike Grid are notable exceptions, but the opportunity to tell live and evolving stories with input from audiences across multiple channels is still there for the taking.
nikegrid  vanity  media  review10 
december 2010 by benterrett
Project v Letter to Jane (in praise of calm) «
"the first high-profile editorial app to launch without a print edition. It owes nothing to print, has no heritage or brand that demands recognition. There’s nobody around to shout ‘Stop! This is not how we do things at Project’ – because until now Project hasn’t existed. It’s starting from scratch, an entirely new thing. Yet it has tried so hard to look like print you’d think there’s a print edition on its way (check out those printers registration marks decorating the welcome page, above)." AND
"The opening of the Jeff Bridges story, featuring the subject walking on screen across the headline (above) is an interesting idea. It’s a nice interaction between video and text that is simple but effective, and a rare example of moving content just happening rather having to be initiated by the user. There’s a whole new space here to be explored."
projectapp  virgin  ipad  apple  jeremyleslie  magazine  video  animation  movement  good  review10 
december 2010 by benterrett
Save as WWF, Save a Tree : Home
"The WWF format is a PDF that cannot be printed out. It’s a simple way to avoid unnecessary printing. So here’s your chance to save trees and help the environment. Decide for yourself which documents don't need printing out – then simply save them as WWF." Brilliant.
wwf  designisthenewmanagementconsultancy  environment  sustainability  good  review10 
december 2010 by benterrett
russell davies: winky dink and you
Very good. I even left a comment. See if you can find it.
russelldavies  telly  design  apple  screens  review10  stickers  modification 
november 2010 by benterrett
welcome to optimism: Rule Britannia
"My favourite memory was of Tony (who was late) shouting "THERE IS NO WAY I AM WEARING WHITE LEGGINGS, CLAIRE!" Understandably, thank goodness, and then looking very upset when he saw his hat - paused - looked at it again, then looked at Kim's and then said the inevitable, "WHY IS YOUR HAT COOLER THAN MY HAT? I WANT YOUR HAT. LET ME HAVE YOUR HAT, MINE'S RUBBISH!"
tonydavidson  w+k  advertising  review10  funny 
november 2010 by benterrett
London's 1000 most influential people 2010: New Media
"The duo are based close to Old Street, helping to give the area its Silicon Roundabout nickname."
berg  siliconroundabout  review10 
november 2010 by benterrett
Frank Chimero - There is a Horse in the Apple Store
There is a horse in the Apple Store and no one sees it but me.
horse  apple  advertising  marketing  design  review10 
november 2010 by benterrett
ustwo™ - digital user interface design
Great design / UI / app company. Recco'd by Harriet.
apple  ipad  iphone  apps  good  design  review10 
november 2010 by benterrett
Chris Heathcote: anti-mega: an evening with Kinect
Your Shape ups the unease by ‘scanning’ you, showing a complete skeleton over your body and then providing measurements – to the centimetre – of your legs, arms, torso, hips and waist. I’m not sure how accurate these are (and they’re only shown on screen for a second) but if this information can be inferred it could really revolutionise clothes shopping – both in store and online.
kinect  microsoft  apple  gestures  3d  review10  chrisheathcote 
november 2010 by benterrett
Design Blogs
Yay! I'm the 32nd best design blog in the world!
blogs  vanity  funny  review10 
november 2010 by benterrett
Enterprise Nation - Going Global: Ruby Pseudo
"With the US now accounting for over 50% of her annual turnover, Ruby expects business from North America to keep on growing. Our network in America is really strong and we're blessed to work with some amazing kids out there from various backgrounds and lifestyles; members of the Crips in Los Angeles, Latin Kings from Spanish Harlem, film directors from Portland and sponsored skaters in Austin, for example. One of our team has also just spent 10 weeks in South America building the network there, so we're strengthening our contacts and gatekeepers all the time."
rubypseudo  brig  review10 
november 2010 by benterrett
Moving on from the BBC – Roo Reynolds
"Recently, you might have noticed them doing some rather interesting work with things like Nike Grid and ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ for Old Spice"
rooreynolds  w+k  nikegrid  bbc  review10 
november 2010 by benterrett
London Is Now a Giant Board Game for Runners
The game—called "The Grid"—is interestingly low-tech. Before each run, players place a call at a designated Nike phone booth, entering their unique identification numbers. They're then given instructions to dash off to another phone box, where they again enter their info. Complete a run? Earn points! Nothing motivates like made up points (right, Foursquare?). By placing calls on both ends of the jog, Nike also knows who's running where, and lets you keep track online. It also makes for some really great visualizations, based on the jogging data Londoners are feeding it.
ngrid  nike  nikegrid  vanity  review10  stamen 
october 2010 by benterrett
nike osm etc small part in getting that properly accredited
nikegrid  ngrid  nike  osm  maps  review10 
october 2010 by benterrett
Creative Review - Saville and Kelly's memorial to Tony Wilson
"Peter Saville and Ben Kelly's memorial to their friend and collaborator Anthony H Wilson is three years late"
petersaville  benkelly  tonywilson  typography  review10 
october 2010 by benterrett
Apple poised to become largest public company in America | Technology | The Guardian
If the numbers are good, then it is quite possible that the share price will jump further above the $300 (£190) mark that it broke last week – and the company could become the most valuable in the world, measured by market capitalisation, surpassing Exxon, and capping its remarkable rebirth under the aegis of founder Steve Jobs.
apple  stevejobs  exxon  shares  review10 
october 2010 by benterrett
40 under 40: Business's hottest rising stars - Full list - FORTUNE on
Larry, Sergey, Zuckerberg, LeBron and Iain Tait. Full marks to Fortune for actually spelling Iain and Tait right.
iaintait  fortune  list  review10 
october 2010 by benterrett
BBC News - Facebook and Skype deal to dial friends and family
Skype is integrating with Facebook to make it easier to call and video chat with friends and family on the social network.
skype  facebook  review10  digital  media  video  future 
october 2010 by benterrett
the creative internet (106 things)
berg, dentsu, stamen, chromoroma. w+k jeremy et, guardian etc etc
google  berg  dentsu  stamen  chromoroma  w+k  guardian  iaintait  jeremyet  review10 
october 2010 by benterrett
Creative Review - Naresh Ramchandani is new Pentagram London partner
"I can write and use language, which is often the kind of communication that reaches out to people" Oh dear.
nareshramchandani  pentagram  review10 
october 2010 by benterrett
russell davies: making dentsu magic
Yes, Russell is right. Dentsu are very interesting right now.
dentsu  beeker  muppets  berg  video  light  viral  review10 
september 2010 by benterrett
Paul Collingwood praises England's application after drab drubbing | Vic Marks | Sport | The Guardian
Tim Bresnan, man of one of the drabbest international matches of the century, summed it all up, albeit unwittingly. He was asked, mischievously, why he had not tweeted much recently – given the pitfalls demonstrated by Kevin Pietersen and Dimitri Mascarenhas. "Nothing interesting has happened really," said Bresnan.
twitter  cricket  review10 
september 2010 by benterrett
A map for every day (Phil Gyford’s website)
"This idea isn’t to highlight content that’s fascinating to other people — these date pages aren’t even particularly obvious on the site — but are a manifestation of aggregating whatever data I can about myself. Save it now as you don’t know what or when it will be interesting. Given that so many of us are constantly leaving footprints across so many loosely-joined online places I can’t help feeling it should be easier for people to (a) archive and save such data and (b) view it all in one place." Phil - best person on the internet. James - best person IRL.
philgyford  maps  data  privacy  foursquare  flickr  twitter  review10 
september 2010 by benterrett
Corinne Day obituary | Art and design | The Guardian
"Their first great success, the Face cover sequence The 3rd Summer of Love, was published in July 1990, with Moss, barely 16, in bits of quality ready-to-wear and Portobello market finds – and, in the two most famed images, nothing but headgear, despite the chill of Camber Sands, in East Sussex, where the shoot took place. Moss's half-combative, half-pathetic attitudes are suffused with laughter"
CorinneDay  rip  katemoss  review10  photography  photographer 
august 2010 by benterrett
Agatha Christie’s family criticise Wikipedia for revealing Mousetrap ending - Telegraph mobile
The family of Agatha Christie has criticised Wikipedia for revealing the ending of The Mousetrap, the world’s longest running play.
AgathaChristie  wikipedia  mousetrap  review10 
august 2010 by benterrett
Lextant :: Insights & Blog
"Algorithm design: Ben Terrrett of RIG coined the term (at least at the conference) but it also was clear in Nike’s presentation" Yay! Someone liked my talk!
benterrett  vanity  nike  designasalgorithm  review10 
august 2010 by benterrett
Welcome NASA to the Commons « Flickr Blog
NASA joins the Commons on Flickr today with three iconic sets spanning the US space agency’s 50+ year history. Their Commons account will feature photos from across the agency’s many locations and centers, chronicling the history of space and lunar missions, and the people and places of the organization.
nasa  flickr  commons  review10 
august 2010 by benterrett
David Cameron seeks to impress India with his massive delegation | Nicholas Watt | Politics |
"BERG: Matt Webb, managing director" so bizarre. Must have been all they money they donated in the election...
mattwebb  berg  review10  davidcameron  india 
july 2010 by benterrett
Behind the Curtain of Old Spice’s Viral Video Mega Hit
W+K “pretty much knew within the first 2 hours that they had a success on their hands,” but even they were not sure of how big it would get.
w+k  iaintait  oldspice  review10 
july 2010 by benterrett
Google CFO: Old Spice Is The Future
Google CFO Patrick Pichette perked me up when he made a reference to the Old Spice social media marketing campaign. “It just gives you a glimpse of where the world is going,” he said with a touch of awe in his voice.
oldspice  viral  iaintait  w+k  wkportland  review10 
july 2010 by benterrett
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