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Off The Page – David Hepworth on magazines and beyond: InPublishing
"I always think that in this day and age you should never announce what you're going to do. You should simply do it, in whatever form your budget allows you to. If it works, you'll be able to graduate to a more expensive format later. Nobody ever waited to do anything on the web."
davidhepworth  punkagram  strategy  management 
june 2013 by benterrett
How London’s Silicon Roundabout really got started — European technology news
Four years ago developer Matt Biddulph jokingly coined ‘Silicon Roundabout’ as a description of East London’s small but growing startup scene — now it’s become the de facto term for the area around Old Street. Here he recounts how a moment of mirth turned into a meme.
siliconroundabout  mattbiddulph  mattb  funny  oldstreet  punkagram  meme 
december 2012 by benterrett
Russell Davies: If you're a planner, prepare to unleash your creative streak | Advertising news | Campaign
"Personally, for instance, I'm convinced that the most potent and fecund creative unit of the next 20 years is going to be a team of a designer and a strategist. That's who businesses will want solving their problems. Could you do that? Can you talk about affordances and desire paths and say "canonical" a lot?"
russelldavies  benterrett  future  agency  punkagram 
december 2012 by benterrett
Ideasicle Podcast Episode #24: Russell Davies
"Russell says stop complaining about things you volunteered to do."
russelldavies  complaining  quotes  agency  punkagram 
april 2012 by benterrett
adliterate: How to run an agency
Create a preponderance of ideas in the risky (or chaotic) zone
2) Spot the gems and develop them just enough to knock off the rough edges
3) Stop before you grind them to dust
advice  agency  punkagram  business  future  richardhuntingdon  hhcl 
october 2011 by benterrett
Pixar's new films: dinosaurs and the human mind | Film |
"Untitled Pixar Movie About Dinosaurs" and "Untitled Pixar Movie That Lets You See Inside The Human Brain" THESE ARE GOOD CODE NAMES PEOPLE
pixar  punkagram 
august 2011 by benterrett
stamen design | About Stamen
"At Stamen’s core is a commitment to extending our understanding through research projects. Our client work is full of opportunity for invention and discovery, and suggests inspirations beyond the immediate task at hand. Stamen’s close engagement with technology leads us to explore numerous research projects, which have a way of finding applications in the real world. We are neither a research and development lab, nor a straight up design firm. Stamen is something in between and among and around these things: a place where work is valued, where good ideas can come from anywhere, and results are paramount."
agency  future  punkagram  stamen  technology  development  research  designisthenewmanagementconsultancy 
october 2010 by benterrett
Creatives are precious... and that’s the problem | Opinion | New Media Age
" If we want to create provocative, challenging and culturally relevant digital work, we need to smash the hen-house and go free-range. We need to embrace the un-team and the un-process. We need to borrow from the places where real innovation is occurring: the world of hack-days, collaboration, open-sourcing, ring-fenced R&D time and incubators. Clinging to outdated idea-farming methods just because they’re reliable and predictable is a surefire route to extinction. "
iaintait  w+k  punkagram  innovation  digital 
july 2010 by benterrett
Schumpeter: Planning for the sequel | The Economist
"Pixar demands that each review identify at least five things that did not go well in the film, as well as five that did."
pixar  hollywood  businessmodels  designisthenewmanagementconsultancy  punkagram  future  agency 
june 2010 by benterrett
Ruby Pseudo Wants a Word: 'Get rid of the crappy stuff', Steve Jobs has a word in Nike's ear...
"Mark Parker, CEO of Nike explains that, after working with Jobs on the Nike + collaboration, he [rather humbly, it's almost sweet], asked Jobs if there was any advice he would give Parker and his brand. Jobs just told him, 'Get rid of the crappy stuff'"
nike  nikeplus  apple  stevejobs  advice  fastcompany  rubypseudo  review10  good  punkagram 
april 2010 by benterrett
Iain Dale's Diary
"Keep your cool. There will be moments in the campaign when you want to scream your head off. Resist the temptation. Count to ten. Then count to twenty." Superb advice for managing any team or just getting through a normal day. Keep calm, be nice to people, sleep and eat properly.
iaindale  politics  election10  management  future  punkagram  work 
april 2010 by benterrett
Hugh McGuire: Publishing Interview: James Bridle
"What will a "book" mean five years from now? The same thing: words, bound together." The sensible people are turning out to be the best people.
jamesbridle  books  punkagram  postdigital  future  publishing 
march 2010 by benterrett
Week 349 (Phil Gyford’s website)
"I’m happy to look back at this week — working on an interesting project for good people, in “my” office surrounded by friends. Yes." Very satisfying to have played a very small part in Phil's 'yes'.
brig  berg  rig  philgyford  punkagram 
february 2010 by benterrett
Eight-hour day - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Eight hours labour, Eight hours recreation, Eight hours rest" that's the goal! On another note the whole of this Organised Labour series is good.
labour  work  punkagram  agency  future  goal  life 
february 2010 by benterrett
Bobbie Johnson
"what I do know is that today, the world looks like a bigger place" that's what will get you. Every time.
bobbiejohnson  guardian  future  agency  punkagram 
january 2010 by benterrett
Week 230 – Blog – BERG
Very good stuff. Except "I’m working on building the right structures" be careful here, let the structures build themselves. Trust me.
punkagram  agency  berg 
november 2009 by benterrett
russell davies: what would clay do?
Very good post from the planner Russell Davies. He's right about this “The discipline here was that the invitation says that it’s going to be fun even if two dozen of you show up,” and he's right about this "we're not pretending to be working too hard" lots of small companies pretend to work too hard. And he's right about this "we're not willing to do all that disruption/us-versus-the-dinosaurs talk".

And to think I thought it was all cute tactics.
newspaperclub  russelldavies  punkagram  business  businessmodels  4ip  startup  review09 
october 2009 by benterrett
"Mudlark is a cross-platform production company. A partnership between a games company, a TV company and a web company.

We deliver commissions, campaigns and applications.

We produce mobile phone games, ARGS, virtual world experiences, television programmes, digital arts adventures and social network narratives.

We work across platforms, online, offline, real world, virtual world, imaginary worlds and simulations.

We develop original IP value in formats, processes and designs as we tell stories and play games."
mudlark  punkagram  postdigital  good  company  future  games  production  4ip  agency 
may 2009 by benterrett
russell davies: BIG
"If you need to put a huge picture of the client in the lobby to get the building made, then do that, and don't do it grudgingly, do it well, make it good, make it a postive."
good  agency  rig  punkagram  big  architecture  future 
april 2009 by benterrett
Digital Britain Position Paper
"In fact, we are open with our VC that we need to experiment, innovate and undertake risk in order to understand the right mix of revenue models that will see us navigate successfully through both the media transition we are experiencing as well produce growth on the other side."
danhon  sixtostart  digitalbritain  punkagram  future 
april 2009 by benterrett
Michael Bierut on Surviving the Recession - Design Business Review
"The overhead is very low. Non-design personnel is kept to a minimum. What is handled in other firms by account executives is handled by partners and their designers. Because the teams tend to be small, they are nimble, and adjustments to the market can be made quickly."
michaelbierut  pentagram  punkagram  agency  recessionwatch  advice 
april 2009 by benterrett
Why Small Companies Will Win in This Economy - Peter Bregman -
"I don't know a single person who works for a large company who feels confident they'll have a job in 6 months. Not one."
small  company  agency  punkagram  future  creditcrunch  big 
march 2009 by benterrett
A special report on entrepreneurship: The formula for entrepreneurship | Magic formula | The Economist
"The world now glories in dozens of would-be Silicon Valleys: Silicon Alley in New York, Silicon Glen in Scotland and even, depressingly, Silicon Roundabout in London." Mr Biddulph you are a twisted, evil genius.
siliconroundabout  funny  brilliant  punkagram 
march 2009 by benterrett
Guy Dickinson DOT com - Noisy Decent Graphics: Do all the best creative...
"the most inspirational organisation I’d ever heard about - impossibly romantic, hard working, often close to bankruptcy"
punkagram  agency  organisation  structure  businessmodels 
february 2009 by benterrett
Reasons to Prefer Print Over Online Publishing
Aaron Cope's papernet concept → PaperCamp → BookCamp → Marks and Meaning → Russell Davies' 'new schtick' → Ben Terrett's 'Things Our Friends Have Written on the Internet' project
rig  vanity  pgram016  paper  deadtreepress  projects  future  punkagram  reallyinterestinggroup 
february 2009 by benterrett
2009 is going to be Really Interesting « TEST
"they have the chance to play with scale - Matt Jones’ image of a rocket at NASA gets the centrespread" "the entire twitter stream from @marsphoenix, printed over 4 pages with just three tweets highlighted in red... There’s something very elegaic about this sequence"
pgram016  mattlocke  rig  punkagram  reallyinterestinggroup 
january 2009 by benterrett
Blogging at a Snail’s Pace -
" Russell Davies, a new media consultant in London... has turned the instantaneousness of Twitter on its head by asking readers to send him snail-mail postcards... because Dawdlr is updated so infrequently, few people have heard of it."

ie Like Twitter, but not as good.
rig  punkagram  russelldavies  nyt  dawdlr  slow  blogging  funny  reallyinterestinggroup 
november 2008 by benterrett
welcome to optimism: we won nokia Nseries!
"This was one of those pitches where the plan came together beautifully. The team went into the meeting confident and enthusiastic and came out with the business."
nokia  nseries  w+k  mattgooden  benwalker  punkagram  n  rig  reallyinterestinggroup 
november 2008 by benterrett
Chris Heathcote: anti-mega: usquebae
A spime bottle of whisky with it's own flickr account. Odd. Interesting. Odd.
whisky  glenfiddich  spime  punkagram  chrisheathcote  pgram016 
october 2008 by benterrett
Colin Forbes: Medalists: Inspiration: AIGA
"Forbes has concentrated his splendid energies on nothing less than designing the practice of design itself." Brilliant article on Colin Forbes.
colinforbes  pentagram  organisation  punkagram 
october 2008 by benterrett
Skeuomorph - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Skeuomorph is a term used in the history of architecture, design, and archaeology. It refers to a derivative object which retains ornamental design cues to structure that was necessary in the original." Brilliant! And it mentions Stonehenge!
newwords  punkagram  stonehenge  design 
october 2008 by benterrett
Pack half of what you think you need - (37signals)
"A good rule of thumb is to pack half of what you need, then take half of that out of the bag."
packing  product  development  punkagram 
october 2008 by benterrett
Not perfect BY ANY MEANS, but there elements of this site I like a lot.
punkagram  site  design  good  web 
october 2008 by benterrett
Design thinking in the New York Times » Design Thinking
"A test is perhaps whether the business (or organizational, or societal) outcome is significantly different than would have been the case if design thinking had not taken place. In other words, were new choices created not only about the product, service or experience but about the business goal itself? Did a product become a sevice?"
design  designisthenewmanagementconsultancy  ideo  punkagram 
october 2008 by benterrett
BBC NEWS | Technology | Obama uses iPhone to win support
"The free application was developed by volunteers in less than three weeks." Software is everyware.
software  punkagram  iphone  apple  politics  obama 
october 2008 by benterrett
Welcome :: Indexhibit
Verrrrry interesting. Especially as Eatock is involved.
interesting  web  design  website  danieleatock  punkagram  2.0 
july 2008 by benterrett
Flickr: movingbrands' Photostream
Moving Brands use Flickr to display work. Good.
movingbrands  work  flickr  web  2.0  agency  punkagram 
july 2008 by benterrett
[Quotable] NetNewsWire, JotSpot, Git, Google, old Texas sayings, etc. - (37signals)
"my advice to startups in this particular category is if you’re going to put your product in beta — put your business model in beta with it" Yes! Yes! Yes!
punkagram  business  future  agency  quotes 
july 2008 by benterrett
Kleiner of Kleiner Perkins…early San Fran VC « Opencast Project - a blog
"He laid out certain rules for VCs, which are commonly referred to as Kleiner’s laws" Good. Via CH.
laws  rules  resource  business  entrepreneurship  Entrepreneur  venture  capital  money  punkagram 
july 2008 by benterrett
Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect: Alternate States
"The most enjoyable aspect of team work is seeing unique skills applied to a whole, that will one day be shared." Loners take note, it's better together. Part of another brilliant post by Jan.
janchipchase  collaboration  punkagram  work  office  people  holiday 
july 2008 by benterrett
With Associates
"A different digital agency. One that, for every project, gathers a team with complementary skills, and from every team guarantees a unique approach."
punkagram  future  agency 
july 2008 by benterrett
Pixar's tightknit culture is its edge - (37signals)
"If you create a culture like that, who would want to leave? Plus, you’ll get the best minds out there knocking on your door to get in."
pixar  culture  internal  comms  punkagram  talent  good  people  pgram016 
july 2008 by benterrett
Early retirement is a false idol - (37signals)
"Instead, you can just fill your life with a balanced mix of activities that you can sustain for decades." Heh heh, maybe...
punkagram  work  agency  future  life  balance 
july 2008 by benterrett
Semler for startups | School of Everything
"All our salaries are also open. Everybody knows what everybody else is getting paid." Yep, agreed.
punkagram  plc  salary  future  agency  schoolofeverything 
july 2008 by benterrett
Bang & Olufsen design team avoids meetings/process and "sculpts" products little by little - (37signals)
"All designers for B&O — not just me and my team of six — are external. The company believes in it. My six-member team aside, designers for B&O don’t ever meet, we don’t have any cooperation with one another at all."
b&o  Bang  &  Olufsen  design  team  process  punkagram  agency  working 
july 2008 by benterrett
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