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"Paper has been around for almost 2000 years, and during this time it has undoubtedly established itself as the most effective and versatile means of communication"
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june 2009 by benterrett
walking papers lives (tecznotes)
"The project is most particularly inspired by Aaron Cope of Flickr and Ben / Russell / Tom at Really Interesting Group, whose Papercamp / Papernet and Things Our Friends Have Written On The Internet 2008 help all this post-digital, medieval technology make sense. " Good company.
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june 2009 by benterrett
Pasta&Vinegar » Blog Archive » "Paper direct"
"Encountered last week-end in Venice, Los Angeles. Still about press, I am fascinated by foreign press available as these A3 sheets of papers sold straight from the printer. Far from the complex e-paper technology, these very low-cost one-sided magazines show an interesting trend about the importance of physical artifacts." Via Marcus
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may 2009 by benterrett
A palimpsest for a place: The Incidental at Salone Di Mobile 2009 « Magical Nihilism
"We were clearly riffing on the work done by our friends at the RIG" feel free to riff any time you like.
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april 2009 by benterrett
The Incidental
"The first print issue of The Incidental is here and looking splendid! Our fleet of distributors will be hitting the streets in the next hour"
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april 2009 by benterrett
Instapaper (analogue edition) (
Things I Would Rather Read On Paper - via lots of people, but Russell first.
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march 2009 by benterrett Kindle 2: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device (Latest Generation): Kindle Store
"Reads like real paper; now boasts 16 shades of gray for clear text and even crisper images'
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february 2009 by benterrett
Reasons to Prefer Print Over Online Publishing
Aaron Cope's papernet concept → PaperCamp → BookCamp → Marks and Meaning → Russell Davies' 'new schtick' → Ben Terrett's 'Things Our Friends Have Written on the Internet' project
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february 2009 by benterrett
aspire to enquire: Yulia Brodskaya
Amazing typographic paper sculptures by Yulia Brodskaya. As seen in The Guardian and everywhere.
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january 2009 by benterrett
Printable Paper
Different types of paper (graph, grid etc) that you can print out. You could do it yourself, but this is quick and easy.
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december 2008 by benterrett
Fractional-reserve banking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"At one time, people deposited gold coins and silver coins at goldsmiths, receiving in turn a note for their deposit. Once these notes became a trusted medium of exchange an early form of paper money was born, in the form of the goldsmiths' notes."
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september 2008 by benterrett
Mark Porter » Blog Archive » Drawling & stretching
"there’s a great designer at the Guardian who has evolved a method of sketching on the Mac using the page like a pinboard, assembling patches of type and colour and images which eventually form themselves into finished designs."
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april 2008 by benterrett
CR Blog » Blog Archive » The Paper Alarm Clock
Lovely (might eb brilliant, but I'd have to see it in the flesh)
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october 2007 by benterrett
Cardboard Furniture
Amazing paper, expendable furniture. Via SP.
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september 2007 by benterrett

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