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It's Nice That | Nostalgia in branding: top design studios analyse the NatWest and Co-op retrobrands
"The Co-op example is this done brilliantly. I’d lost sight of them as a business that helped people contribute to society and I lived above one of their supermarkets. Now they’ve given me something I can buy into again. The stripped-back blue membership ads stand out a mile, a simple bold identity alongside simple bold messaging about fairness. Heritage as a powerful statement of intent – I get it."
brands  marketing  helencarroll  coop  vanity  identity  design  2016 
october 2016 by benterrett
Mark Ritson: Brands’ inane ‘visions’ have lost touch with what consumers really use them for | Marketing Week
"For starters, consumers don’t want brands involved in any of this stuff. They just want a coffee, or a burger, or to be able to use their credit card to buy a pair of shoes"
marketing  brands  identity 
september 2015 by benterrett
Russell Davies: daddy, what's a brand? part 1
Stop saying brand. "How about if we just used these words - product, service, company (or organisation) and reputation. And maybe, if we really have to, image."
russelldavies  branding  brand  identity  good 
september 2015 by benterrett
Why Everyone Went Nuts Over Hillary Clinton's New Logo | WIRED
"Imagine if Coca-Cola never had a logo, and then very suddenly did. It would be hard not to have an opinion about it."
design  logos  michaelbierut  hilaryclinton  politics  identity 
april 2015 by benterrett
It's Nice That : Richard Turley talks about his work at MTV in our exclusive interview
Or something. I don’t know. We just want to make fun stuff that feels authentic – it can’t feel like some stupid agency bullshit branding play. We hired a handful of kids and we let them loose. There is no fixed creative, no brief beyond make stuff that makes the TV feel topical, current. It’s another way of putting the audience on the TV, which MTV has always been good at.
richardturley  mtv  design  branding  good  identity 
february 2015 by benterrett
Man wins competition to name new leisure centre in Selby and picks... Selby Leisure Centre - Mirror Online
A man given the “exciting” honour of naming a brand new leisure centre in Selby has chosen the catchy and imaginative name of... Selby Leisure Centre.
identity  branding  funny 
november 2014 by benterrett
Say goodbye to the pin: voice recognition takes over at Barclays Wealth - Telegraph
95 per cent of those customers successfully verified upon their first use of the system.
barclays  digital  identity  voice 
july 2014 by benterrett
Russell Davies: Consumers, users, people, mammals
You see a similar phenomenon on the railways. When they start calling you a customer rather than a passenger they forget that their primary responsibility is providing you with passage and start to concentrate on winning your custom. So budgets and priorities swing away from punctuality and train staff and towards clever jokes in the toilets.
language  russelldavies  government  identity 
june 2014 by benterrett
HMRC Is Shite: Taxpayers Are Not Customers!
"I note in passing that all the reports mentioned below refer to HMRC’s ‘customers’... this is a regrettable misuse of language by HMRC as it implies people have a choice whether to interact with HMRC and that therefore the payment of taxes is voluntary..."
hmrc  tax  taxes  government  gds  language  writing  branding  identity 
june 2014 by benterrett
With This Logo I Thee Wed
So weird "When Pentagram Austin partner DJ Stout and his girlfriend Lana McGilvray decided to get married last summer she asked him for a logo and a website design instead of the traditional wedding ring."
pentagram  logo  identity  wedding  djstout  blastpr  LanaMcGilvray 
february 2013 by benterrett
Graphic Design Criticism as a Spectator Sport
"And like any business situation of any complexity whatsoever, that process may be smothered in politics, handicapped with exigencies, and beset with factors with have nothing to do with design excellence. You know, real life."
MichaelBierut  design  writing  arminvit  criticism  designers  logo  identity 
january 2013 by benterrett
Change of gear -
Another approach is to manage supply – the company has stopped doing sample sales in London – and to create separate collections within the brand. It already has a “secret” range, with distinct colours and trims, sold to its best customers by invitation, though Mottram won’t reveal any details.
rapha  brand  cycling  sky  clothing  retail  identity  design  good 
january 2013 by benterrett
New Government department branding set to launch | Analysis | Design Week
Simon Manchipp believes that as long as the new ‘single marque’ system is ‘elegantly presented’ it is a good idea. If any emphasis was placed on an identity being the focus of this project, rather then the enormous clarification of government departments and their online homes, the point of the undertaking might have been lost.

‘When the logo is the centre of the attention on a project like this, it’s completely at odds with the narrative of the rebrand,’ says Manchipp.
gds  simonmanchipp  government  identity  branding  logo  design  designweek 
may 2012 by benterrett
Whitehall departments to get their own colour coded logos - Telegraph
"The rebranding was last night criticised by value for money campaigners. Robert Oxley, Campaign Manager of the TaxPayers’ Alliance said: “Only civil servants could think that simplifying government means flashy new logos for every department." Completely wrong. Hard to know where to start, really.
government  cabinetoffice  gds  design  identity 
may 2012 by benterrett
Writing simply: language choices for the GOV.UK navigation | Government Digital Service
There’s not a fancy new logo or identity for GOV.UK, partly to save time and money, partly because the URL is what we want people to remember – we want them to know that GOV.UK is the place they need, they don’t have to discover or understand any new names or identities. But, to make the name feel a little more like an actual identity (or as we keep saying in the office ‘a thing’) we’ve decided to always write it in CAPS. It’s a tiny detail but hopefully it’ll help GOV.UK stick in the mind. For those who wonder if we’re wasting too much time on things like this, we talked about it for about 10 minutes.
russelldavies  gds  govuk  identity  design  logo  writing  copy 
february 2012 by benterrett
BBC News - Portcullis logo 'seen as gate to keep public out'
Parliament's portcullis logo is seen by the public "as a gate to keep them out", a government adviser has said.
government  branding  logo  gds  identity 
january 2012 by benterrett
Michael Bierut | Theoryhaus
So finally, because they were guys and they were embarrassed talking about logos, they said screw it, we’ll take ‘example number three’ the one that looks like a check mark. They just built so much messaging around the logo and associated it with a lot of good products as well; then it became a ‘strong’ logo. The logo itself is really nothing, it’s just two curves, and it’s not hard to do. The way identity firms earn their money is in guiding a company into making a decision about one of these things and giving them a plan for actually using it so they can start to create value around it. That’s one of the reasons I think I like old logos. Someone has already ‘picked’ it and they may have forgotten they did, but we’re not going to argue which is the right logo, we’re just going to say you already have one, here it is! I’ve done that with a few companies. I think part of the reason I like doing that is because I actually don’t think that brand new logos are worth that much or mean that much in and of themselves.
michaelbierut  olympics  2012  logo  identity  quotes 
april 2011 by benterrett
James Bond Logos — James Bond Logo Collection
Lovely blog that scrapes Bond films for logos and graphics via MJ
graphics  design  typography  logos  identity  via:mattjones 
december 2010 by benterrett
Observatory: Design Observer
Alice Rawsthorn revisits the London 2012 Olympics logo, compares it to the UPS makeover (aka the "golden combover"), and decides, alas, it's as ugly as ever. [MB] - RAWSTHORN FUCK OFF
alicerawsthorn  london  2012  identity  branding  logo  review10 
april 2010 by benterrett
Creative Review - 2012 Olympics pictograms launched
Ignore the b+w ones, the colours ones are great and make me like the branding even more. In 10 years time you'll look back on these fondly. Just like the paperboy...
review09  someone  logo  identity  branding  olympic  2012  london  simonmanchip 
october 2009 by benterrett
Vegemite naming competition winner - iSnack2.0
"The name Vegemite iSnack2.0 was chosen based on its personal call to action, relevance to snacking and clear identification of a new and different Vegemite to the original. We believe these three components completely encapsulate the new brand."
review09  madness  funny  branding  identity 
september 2009 by benterrett
Creative Review - One that got away
Lovely 'never made it' identity for the Dutch.
identity  branding 
september 2009 by benterrett
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