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Unravelling a web of failures at UK outsourcer Carillion
Whitehall has long favoured the largest contractors, on the grounds that this increases simplicity and reduces risk. That assumption should be binned. So, too, should the identification of lowest price with lowest cost. Keeping suppliers on the lowest possible margins is a big long-term risk.
financialtimes  Carillion  government  transformation  finance  budget  contractors  outsourcing 
may 2018 by benterrett
Michael Heseltine: how green spaces transform inner cities
"What is missing is a coherent people-centric and co-ordinated sense of purpose." root of all government problems ever
michaelHeseltine  people  users  property  planning  garden  land  government 
february 2018 by benterrett
Dr Simon Eccles to NHS Digital: 'don't get distracted by shiny things'
"He added that the lure of new innovations threatened to divert resources away from more critical projects." NO INNOVATION UNTIL EVERYTHING WORKS
nhs  government  digital 
february 2018 by benterrett
The Passport Office - A Personal Supply Chain Experience - Spend Matters UK/Europe Spend Matters UK/Europe
"very well done to HM Passport Office and thanks for one of the best experiences I have ever had form a public service."
homeoffice  digital  government  gds 
february 2018 by benterrett
DCMS wants GDS lock, stock and barrel - Manzoni fighting to retain control
"Wind back a few years and GDS was seen as a force to be reckoned with within Whitehall, a department with innovative ideas and the gusto to get things done. Fast forward to today and it’s being perceived as a lame duck that is underperforming to the point where people think it might do better under the control of DCMS – a department with no track record of delivery."
gds  government  technology  johnmanzoni 
february 2018 by benterrett
Justin Trudeau's Davos address in full | World Economic Forum
"Think about it: The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again."
canada  technology  government  justintrudeau  quotes  2018 
january 2018 by benterrett
The foco (Phil Gyford’s website)
I don’t know much about how to effect change in a large organisation but I know people who have done it (or tried to do it). Hello, agile digital change agents! When I read this book review I thought of you.
digital  transformation  government 
january 2018 by benterrett
Government IT suppliers behaved appallingly - Bill Crothers - BBC News
"The Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said in one case a government department was charged £30,000 for changing the text on a web page."
government  gds  digital  transformation  maude  quotes 
august 2017 by benterrett
The British election: The middle has fallen out of British politics | The Economist
"Many moderate Conservative and Labour MPs could join a new liberal centre party—just as parts of the left and right have recently in France. So consider a vote for the Lib Dems as a down-payment for the future. Our hope is that they become one element of a party of the radical centre, essential for a thriving, prosperous Britain."
libdems  economist  election17  government  politics 
june 2017 by benterrett
Customer enquiry service changes - GOV.UK
"customers who contact UK Visas and Immigration by email will be charged £5.48"
govuk  homeoffice  2017  wtf  government 
may 2017 by benterrett
Is the pace of change really such a shock? |
"My sense of these media organisations that use this argument of incredibly rapid technology change is that they’re screaming that they’re being pursued by a snail and yet they cannot get away! ‘The snail! The snail!’, they cry. ‘How can we possibly escape!?"
tomcoates  bbc  digital  digitaltransformation  technology  government  funny  digitalreadinglist 
may 2017 by benterrett
Concerns as HMRC faces 'fivefold rise in customs checks' after Brexit | Politics | The Guardian
"In a damning response, Andrew Tyrie, the Treasury select committee chairman, noted that the delivery of CDS was “in doubt”, with HMRC’s internal project management rating placing it in a “major risk” category."
hmrc  government  technology  brexit 
may 2017 by benterrett
Who runs the country during the general election campaign?
"Modern-era Permanent Secretaries tend to operate in camouflage." Hiding in plain sight.
permanentsecretaries  permsecs  government  andrewgreenaway 
may 2017 by benterrett
How do we reform tech? – Humane Tech – Medium
"most of the policy makers who might be in a position to rein in the tech industry are proudly, profoundly illiterate about today’s technology"
technology  digital  government  anildash  good  2017 
march 2017 by benterrett
UK government's digital strategy has to be welcomed - but it could have been so much more - Computer Weekly Editor's Blog
"For example, one of the plans is “a commitment to create a Secretary of State-led forum for government and the tech community” – note, not actually creating a forum, just a promise that it will at some unspecified point exist."
gds  government  digital  strategy  technology 
march 2017 by benterrett
Bill Gates says robots that steal human jobs should pay taxes - Recode
“Right now, the human worker who does, say, $50,000 worth of work in a factory, that income is taxed and you get income tax, Social Security tax, all those things,” said Gates in an interview with Quartz’s editor-in-chief Kevin Delaney published today. “If a robot comes in to do the same thing, you’d think that we’d tax the robot at a similar level.”
billgates  tax  robots  future  digital  government 
february 2017 by benterrett
It’s the business model, stupid – three steps to transform UK public services
First bit good, rest noise. "That is why in 2013, 14 of the top 30 global brands by market worth were platform companies. In fact, platform organisations are so much more efficient in matching demand with supply, and so different from traditionally organised “pipes” organisations, that we talk about them as disrupting entire industries."
platforms  government  business  future  coop  2017 
february 2017 by benterrett
Making policy an integral part of digital delivery teams | Government Digital Service
"At times, I’ve introduced further complexity into our work. For example, when helping my team understand how decisions are made in government. The reality is always more complex than the theory, and at times it’s thrown some well-formed plans or added a number of steps - like extra stakeholders to keep up to date or more evidence to pull together."
gds  government  2017 
january 2017 by benterrett
A new way to do campaigns on GOV.UK | Inside GOV.UK
"Campaigns are time-limited promotional activity, with a specific and measurable goal."
govuk  government  marketing  campaign 
october 2016 by benterrett
Nick Clegg: ‘Michael Gove, from charm personified to hiding in the toilet' | Politics | The Guardian
The flaws of Whitehall (like any great bureaucracy, it has plenty of them) are systemic, not personal: the tendency for bright, young and wholly inexperienced officials to hold great sway over key areas of public policy for short periods of time, before being moved up to the next rung of the ladder, creates discontinuity and immaturity in policy-making. The over-centralisation of power in the Treasury leads to daft policy gyrations: from the failure to regulate the banks, to micromanaging them; from lax fiscal policy, to overzealous contraction; from the underfunding of capital projects, to a bevy of white elephants.

Above all, perhaps, it is the Balkanisation of authority across Whitehall that is responsible for dysfunctional decision-making. Some departments, notably the Treasury and the FCO, are regarded as the Oxbridge colleges of Whitehall. Others, notably the Department for Culture, Media and Sport or the Department for Communities and Local Government, are snobbily derided as red-brick departments.
nickclegg  coalition  libdems  government  whitehall  civilservice  politics 
september 2016 by benterrett
GCHQ admits £1bn spend on cyber security 'hasn’t worked' | Computing
"I've tried to make this argument to my bosses that surely you have to start [with legacy] before you try to do anything more sophisticated," he said. "But the response has been ‘I'm not spending cyber security programme money to subsidise other departments' IT budgets'."
government  security  it  technology 
march 2016 by benterrett
Lord Maude resignation letter and PM's response - News stories - GOV.UK
"What is more, your work to set up the Government Digital Service and put rocket boosters under the digital reform agenda was – as I said recently – one of the great unsung triumphs of the last Parliament."
francismaude  government  gds 
february 2016 by benterrett
Mark Hurrell
we knew that it was rational and historically validated by the work of Margaret Calvert and the Design Research Unit – but we had to answer concerns that it would look dated and a bit… unrefined. It was pointing to the output of Wayne, Zak, Claire and their colleagues at AA Publications and Bedford Press that really helped us make the argument that this style was both british and still totally relevant.
markhurrell  gds  government  design  good  2016 
january 2016 by benterrett
GDS savings
How much money GDS saved and how it saved it
gds  government  savings 
october 2015 by benterrett
Turnbull's vision for Australia: 'Disruption is our friend' | Business Insider
Turnbull said: “The Australia of the future has to be a nation that is agile, that is innovative, that is creative. We can’t be defensive, we can’t future-proof ourselves.

“We have to recognise that the disruption that we see driven by technology, the volatility in change is our friend if we are agile and smart enough to take advantage of it.”
malcolmturnbull  government 
september 2015 by benterrett
HS2 Independent Design Panel Members | High Speed 2 Jobs
As a Panel member, you will be a recognised expert in your field with a deep understanding of how to leverage the process of design to best serve the needs of the end users and those impacted by HS2.
hs2  government 
august 2015 by benterrett
Margaret Calvert | Debrett's 500 2015
"She was a key adviser on the award-winning redesign, which has been lauded internationally as a timeless classic of functionality and style, marrying traditional values with the practical demands of the internet age."
government  gds  vanity  margaretcalvert 
august 2015 by benterrett
Bringing a GDS mindset to the whole of government – FutureGov
"GDS has changed the 'digital' conversation across Whitehall; Agile delivery and user-centred design are now familiar, if not entirely embedded concepts. That last point alone is an incredible achievement."
government  gds 
august 2015 by benterrett
The future of GDS: Life after Mike Bracken and Francis Maude - IT Feature from
"The impact of cannot be understated. Combining high-quality design with improved user experience demonstrated the improvement that an effective digital strategy can have on public perception and cost efficiency," he said.
govuk  government  gds  mikebracken  vanity 
august 2015 by benterrett
HS2 is the biggest public project for decades – how can designers influence it? | Design Week
"This was published last month and created by a team led by former Design Council chief executive David Kester which included the likes of Thomas Heatherwick, Paul Priestman, Ben Terrett and Sophie Thomas."
design  government  hs2 
july 2015 by benterrett
UAL Futures
very nature of the internet and how we consume it or perhaps, how it consumes us.
sarahgold  internet  ual  government  values 
july 2015 by benterrett
2013 Icon Awards winner: Margaret Calvert, Icon of the Year - Icon Magazine
when she was visited by Ben Terrett, head of design for Government Digital Services. Terrett's team had been developing a project to consolidate more than 400 government websites, and he invited Calvert to comment on a work-in-progress. She recalls: "They were using a number of fonts – Gill, which is the official civil service typeface, and Georgia – but he said they were thinking of using Transport. The road signs worked as a network, and this could be applied to the new website.
typography  design  margaretcalvert  gds  government 
july 2015 by benterrett
Making the civil service work for modern Britain - Speeches - GOV.UK
Small teams of developers building a product quickly and cheaply, then iterating to improve it not through long consultations and private advice but by seeing how it survives contact with reality. It will more and more be the way of the future – for all policy-making and service delivery.
matthancock  government 
may 2015 by benterrett
General election: The compelling case for continuity in Britain -
The country would benefit from the countervailing force of Lib Dem moderation at Westminster. In seats where the Lib Dems are the incumbent or the main challenger, we would vote tactically for them
politics  government  ft  libdems  2015 
april 2015 by benterrett
Speaker election: Tearful Charles Walker clapped by MPs - BBC News
He was clapped by Labour MPs as he said: "I would much rather be an honourable fool... than a clever man.
charleswalker  labour  politics  government 
march 2015 by benterrett
Clegg: I am more anti-establishment now than when I entered government | Politics | The Guardian
Westminster is a joke. PMQs is a joke. The way all parties, including my own, get into hot water about party funding needs to be cleared up. The fact we’ve got a democratic system that isn’t democratic.
nickclegg  libdems  politics  government 
march 2015 by benterrett
How should you vote? What political parties are promising designers | Design Week
In 2013 our single domain GOV.UK won the coveted Design Museum Design of the Year Award. The team behind this, the Government Digital Service, is estimated to make savings of £1.7bn a year by making all Government services digital by default. Building on this success, we’re increasing digital capability across government and hiring designers in many other departments
design  government  digital  edvaisey 
february 2015 by benterrett
Thoughts for GDS SPRINT15 event
So in summary: looking across at other digital business models, digital’s certainly all about giving users what they want, via the interface they want, when they want – and for less; but the really exciting part, for me, is that if properly architected and astutely politically stewarded, digital could entail a wholesale reimagination of the way we serve each other face to face, and actually increase, rather than cut, our public services.
markthompson  digital  government  gds 
february 2015 by benterrett
Companies House to pay £8.8m damages to firm after spelling mistake | Daily Mail Online
When a company called Taylor & Son went out of business, Companies House recorded that Cardiff-based Taylor & Sons was being liquidated
government  data  companieshouse 
january 2015 by benterrett
Establishment of a Digital Transformation Office | Prime Minister of Australia
The DTO will use technology to make services simpler, clearer and faster for Australian families and businesses.
australia  government  gds 
january 2015 by benterrett
What we’d like to see from design in 2015 | Editor's View | Design Week
One of the many remarkable things about was that its design team explicitly placed the project in the long-line of Great British public sector designs. GDS head of design Ben Terrett has referenced projects such as Sir Kenneth Grange’s Intercity 125 design and even brought in road signage designer Margaret Calvert to be an “unofficial mentor” for
benterrett  vanity  gds  government  design  designweek 
january 2015 by benterrett
The Royal College of Physicians – just what the doctors ordered | Art and design | The Guardian
The college, as such institutions sometimes do, wanted to make itself more modern and accessible. I
lasdun  Royal  College  of  Physicians  government  architecture 
december 2014 by benterrett
The Hollow Men II: Some reflections on Westminster and Whitehall dysfunction | Dominic Cummings's Blog
Whitehall is a bureaucratic system that has gone wrong, so that duff people are promoted to the most senior roles and the thousands of able people who could do so much better cannot because of how they are managed and incentivised, hence lots of the best younger people leave and the duffers are promoted.
civilservice  politics  strategy  government  education 
november 2014 by benterrett
Former BP man secures role as Whitehall’s first chief executive -
Civil service “high-flyers” would also benefit by spending time outside Whitehall, as he had himself done several times in his career, he added.
government  johnmanzoni  gds  sirjeremyheywood 
october 2014 by benterrett
Finextra: Lloyds rolls out real-time online appointment booking system
In a UK first, Lloyds Bank has rolled out an online system that lets customers book branch appointments in real-time.
technology  banks  finance  government 
september 2014 by benterrett
Whitehall farce on digital display -
The UK government also needs to work harder at being an intelligent client when purchasing digital resources. The huge wave of IT outsourcing in the 1990s saw many technical experts leave the civil service, hollowing out Whitehall’s in-house talent. Ministers have started to reverse this trend, most notably through creation of the Government Digital Service, which, among other things, promotes best IT practice across Whitehall.
gds  government  it 
august 2014 by benterrett
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