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How do we reform tech? – Humane Tech – Medium
"most of the policy makers who might be in a position to rein in the tech industry are proudly, profoundly illiterate about today’s technology"
technology  digital  government  anildash  good  2017 
march 2017 by benterrett
Design patterns meetup by Richard Pope - IF
That means they need a common design patterns, shared language, and a sense of community to do so. In short, it needs to become a common endeavour.
good  goodidea  projectsbyif  richardpope  sarahgold 
february 2017 by benterrett
Mark Hurrell
we knew that it was rational and historically validated by the work of Margaret Calvert and the Design Research Unit – but we had to answer concerns that it would look dated and a bit… unrefined. It was pointing to the output of Wayne, Zak, Claire and their colleagues at AA Publications and Bedford Press that really helped us make the argument that this style was both british and still totally relevant.
markhurrell  gds  government  design  good  2016 
january 2016 by benterrett
Russell Davies: daddy, what's a brand? part 1
Stop saying brand. "How about if we just used these words - product, service, company (or organisation) and reputation. And maybe, if we really have to, image."
russelldavies  branding  brand  identity  good 
september 2015 by benterrett
Asbury & Asbury: Conversation my arse
Andrex has become a great case study in modern marketing, because it represents the logical outcome of two dominant trends: the mission escalation trend and the conversation trend
andrex  marketing  campaign  funny  2015  good  nickasbury 
february 2015 by benterrett
It's Nice That : Richard Turley talks about his work at MTV in our exclusive interview
Or something. I don’t know. We just want to make fun stuff that feels authentic – it can’t feel like some stupid agency bullshit branding play. We hired a handful of kids and we let them loose. There is no fixed creative, no brief beyond make stuff that makes the TV feel topical, current. It’s another way of putting the audience on the TV, which MTV has always been good at.
richardturley  mtv  design  branding  good  identity 
february 2015 by benterrett
Hooray for Small Business Saturday | Artefact Cards
I've been quite clear over the last few years that my favourite piece of marketing in recent memory is "Small Business Saturday" by American Express.

It's an initiative that started in the US in 2010, a deliberate riposte to the mass-market gluttony of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
branding  campaign  marketing  smallbusiness  business  americanexpress  idea  good 
december 2014 by benterrett
'MOO.COM UX rules' - circa 2008
Users needs are not always the same as the features they ask for ===

Nothing elese to say here.
richardpope  moo  design  ux  good 
august 2014 by benterrett
The smart businesses are investing in things that will make your clients obsolete | Advertising news | Campaign
Meanwhile, the smart money is moving elsewhere – they’re taking the money you gave them for ads and spending it on things that will end your clients’ industries. Google is spending on robotics and self-driving cars – that’s not an advertising play, that’s a getting-out-of-advertising play.
russelldavies  google  digital  future  2014  good 
april 2014 by benterrett
Toys R Us to stop gender biased marketing - Telegraph
Toys R Us, Tesco, Sainsbury's, The Entertainer and TK Maxx have all agreed to remove 'girls' and 'boys' signs from the aisles following pressure from Let Toys Be Toys.
toys  gender  good  retail 
september 2013 by benterrett
Capital offence rectified oop North - Diary - News - London Evening Standard
Foreign Secretary William Hague will be among those delighted to hear that after years of ridicule, councillors in Northallerton — county town of North Yorkshire and home to his constituency office — are to alter the town’s five entrance signs after complaints from business leaders, tourists and residents that they spelt the town’s name with a lower case “n”.

The “northallerton” signs were installed four years ago to give the town a dynamic modern image but instead made it a laughing stock. The council has spent a mere £65 changing the signs by sticking capital Ns over the lower case letters. That’s Progress, that is.
government  efficiency  saving  money  funny  design  good 
march 2013 by benterrett
Olly Moss - 85 Years of Oscars poster
Lovely. "I worked with the Academy to create the official 85 Years of Oscars poster. The brief was one of the hardest I’ve ever had; find a way to reference every single Best Picture winner from the last 85 years."
ollymoss  oscars  oscar  statue  illustration  good  Academy 
february 2013 by benterrett
How to stabilize a wobbly table
if you rotate the table about its center, you will always find an orientation where the table is perfectly stable
mattwebb  maths  table  hack  advice  good 
january 2013 by benterrett
She Said It: Frances Berriman
The lightbulb moment for me was realising that user experience design has been side-lined as the responsibility of a single person, or team, in most organisations when in fact it's the main requirement for

every single role
within the company - be that keeping servers up and responsive, graphics beautiful, words intelligible, product compelling or device accessible. You and your colleagues' job is to serve your users the very best you can, so always keep that at the front of your mind, whatever you choose to do.
francesberriman  ux  gds  design  good 
january 2013 by benterrett
Change of gear -
Another approach is to manage supply – the company has stopped doing sample sales in London – and to create separate collections within the brand. It already has a “secret” range, with distinct colours and trims, sold to its best customers by invitation, though Mottram won’t reveal any details.
rapha  brand  cycling  sky  clothing  retail  identity  design  good 
january 2013 by benterrett
Copywriting of the year?
"Very, very few creative projects live up to words like ‘revolutionary’ or ‘transformative’, much as they would like to. This one really does. It’s a masterpiece. I just cannot praise it enough. "
copywriting  mikereed  gds  government  vanity  good 
december 2012 by benterrett
FuelRCA |
Nice simple design and typography
rca  design  simple  good  typography 
november 2012 by benterrett
William Channer – Interview: A Copywriters Tale On The Advertising Industry by Gordon Comstock
The really good agencies have Creative Directors like Jeremy Craigen at DDB, or Tony and Kim at W+K London. They spend most of their time turning down work. They have to have the faith to keep turning down work with the hope that the guys that they have employed will eventually come up with something really good. Every time they turn down work, that’s costing the client money.
williamfowler  gordoncomstock  interview  w+k  good  quotes 
march 2012 by benterrett
Video: Barack Obama shows off sign language skills - Telegraph
The exchange happened during an event at Prince Georges Community College in Maryland, when a deaf audience member named Stephon signed “I am proud of you” to Barack Obama as he passed by shaking hands with supporters.
The president used American Sign Language to sign back “Thank you” which was met with rapturous applause from the watching crowd.
obama  usa  president  language  funny  good  signlanguage 
march 2012 by benterrett
Departmental websites: gone by Xmas? |
"from 2014, new online services will only go live if the responsible minister can demonstrate that they themselves can use the service successfully"

It's so simple, it's brilliant. And quite funny too.
simondixon  budget2012  gds  government  quotes  funny  good 
march 2012 by benterrett
The Routemaster's triumphant return to London | Art and design |
"Designed to hide dirt, just like all the others, Heatherwick's is one for the digital age, highlighting the contours of the cushion just as a computer modelling programme might."
thomasheatherwick  bus  borisjohnson  newaesthetic  design  good 
february 2012 by benterrett
Letters of Note: I am a lousy copywriter
"I am a lousy copywriter, but I am a good editor." David Ogilvy on how he writes. Nice
davidogilvy  education  writing  advertising  funny  good 
january 2012 by benterrett
Writing isn’t writing | Final Bullet
Scripts are lists of instructions, but before you can instruct you must have an idea of what the directions are pointing towards, otherwise you aren’t writing, you’re tangling. Writing is an expression of untangling. Don’t try to be a writer, and don’t fall in love with language, it will kill you. Just try to always say what’s true; that’s challenge enough.
leilajohnson  leila  writing  advice  good  education 
november 2011 by benterrett
One dimensional news (Phil Gyford’s website)
"Since then I’ve engineered a novel solution which has allowed me to read a good chunk of each day’s paper. I’ve called this “getting up earlier.”


"The biggest design issue with Today’s Guardian is, I think, that it’s no fun."
philgyford  design  ux  ui  website  guardian  GOOD  correct 
october 2011 by benterrett
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