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Big News! “And Another Thing” Preview Proof Copies Available! (CLOSED) at
"I received my copy this morning (Copy 200/42, which I thought was a very nice touch), and I immediately was overjoyed. I loved the Newspaper format,"
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july 2009 by benterrett
Reading Dickens Four Ways -
"Amazon wants Kindle to be a verb, not a noun, as in "I Kindled that book," which could mean that I read it on a smartphone, computer, or dedicated electronic-book device."
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june 2009 by benterrett
BBC NEWS | Technology | Win for UK story-telling website
Amazing news for Dan and Adrian and all the other cool people with that great logo...
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march 2009 by benterrett
Instapaper (analogue edition) (
Things I Would Rather Read On Paper - via lots of people, but Russell first.
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march 2009 by benterrett
The Penguin Blog: A Day of Bookish Experimentation
I got an invite so therefore I must be one of the "excellent people" they speak of.
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december 2008 by benterrett

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