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Electoral dysfunction: Why democracy is always unfair - science-in-society - 28 April 2010 - New Scientist
"The New Scientist has an interesting article explaining why no voting system can ever be totally fair. The American economist Kenneth Arrow, it says, listed the attributes of an idealised fair voting system in 1963:

• Voters should be able to express a complete set of their preferences.

• No single voter should be allowed to dictate the outcome of the election.

• If every voter prefers one candidate to another, the final ranking should reflect that.

• If a voter prefers one candidate to a second, introducing a third candidate should not reverse that preference.

All very sensible. There's just one problem: Arrow and others went on to prove that no conceivable voting system could satisfy all four conditions. In particular, there will always be the possibility that one voter, simply by changing their vote, can change the overall preference of the whole electorate."
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april 2010 by benterrett
Cameron’s Drink Problem - Guy Fawkes' blog
"the next election won’t be won or lost because of Twitter. It will be video which will devastate candidates"
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october 2009 by benterrett | Westminster Blog | How bad? Worse than Ramsay MacDonald
"Labour is now the third party of local government in England, with fewer councillors than the Liberal Democrats for the first time since the First World War" Great Macdonald poster though.
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june 2009 by benterrett
Election Night 11-04-08 - a set on Flickr
Behind the scenes with Barack;s Flickr on election night. Powerful.
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november 2008 by benterrett
YouTube - Late Show - John McCain: Thinking On His Feet
This is nuts. "I couldn't agree with Senator Obama more. Disagree. Agree. Err." Funny and very scary.
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october 2008 by benterrett
Bloggers To Be Part Of BBC Election
Takne form the US. Might be interesting, might be shite.
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april 2008 by benterrett

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