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House Address “Twins” Proximity – The Unusually Named Blog
See these two houses? They’re both number 443 Manchester Road!

The one on the left is in Bolton, and the one on the right is in Manchester. They’re literally next door to each other!
amazing  data  land  property  2017  funny 
september 2017 by benterrett
Facebook Links Actual Store Visits to Marketer Ads and Sales | Digital - AdAge
The catch, though, is that advertisers may not be able to get a complete picture of everyone who went into their stores, because users have to opt in to location-tracking in Facebook's app in order for conversions to work.
marketing  facebook  location  technology  tracking  data 
october 2016 by benterrett
Companies House to pay £8.8m damages to firm after spelling mistake | Daily Mail Online
When a company called Taylor & Son went out of business, Companies House recorded that Cardiff-based Taylor & Sons was being liquidated
government  data  companieshouse 
january 2015 by benterrett
Trapped in The Loop | Tribeca
This mesmerizing image contains all of LeBron James' scores in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. It lasts only four seconds, but one could gaze at it for quite some time. It almost seems to contain the entire history of the game, evoking a sense of data, like a visual stats card.
media  digital  data  campaign  culture  inspiration  lebron  video  vine  loop 
july 2013 by benterrett
cityofsound: Essay: On the smart city; Or, a 'manifesto' for smart citizens instead
Exactly what image does the phrase “government I.T. project” conjure up, after all? (By way of comparison, observe how the "start-up within the UK Cabinet Office", Government Digital Service, is laying waste to a previous generation of IT systems in a matter of months, creating elegant, simple and user-focused systems using the same agile methodologies and user-centred design that build the likes of Amazon and Twitter, and saving millions upon millions of pounds along the way. You cannot outsource this: it is strategic.
danhill  gds  government  data  politics  cities  smartcities  design  designisthenewmanagementconsultancy  city 
february 2013 by benterrett
Data Stories | Think Quarterly by Google
Here are a few of the most resonant lessons that I teach in ‘Data Visualization 101’ at Google. Consider this your cheat sheet to becoming a more creative data storyteller.
google  data  dataviz  storytelling  numbers  designprinciples  education 
april 2012 by benterrett
Archives & Open data | The HighWire
Open data & archives have been on my mind this week. Starting with a HighWire talk with the BBC we spoke of ‘perceptive media’, ‘object orientated media & production’ and ‘holodecks’ (kid you not). Here we spoke of the challenges and possibilities of opening and managing the now vast BBC archives. This was followed by tales of an adventure by RIG to HSBC archives, interesting finds from the banking sector and not at all what you would expect. Finally today, an open data workshop today with Julian Tate & Gerd Kortuem.
rig  data  bbc  hsbc 
march 2011 by benterrett
A map for every day (Phil Gyford’s website)
"This idea isn’t to highlight content that’s fascinating to other people — these date pages aren’t even particularly obvious on the site — but are a manifestation of aggregating whatever data I can about myself. Save it now as you don’t know what or when it will be interesting. Given that so many of us are constantly leaving footprints across so many loosely-joined online places I can’t help feeling it should be easier for people to (a) archive and save such data and (b) view it all in one place." Phil - best person on the internet. James - best person IRL.
philgyford  maps  data  privacy  foursquare  flickr  twitter  review10 
september 2010 by benterrett
Is the release of Coins the end of the data war? | Comment is free |
"Well, we asked for it. At 9.30 this morning, the coalition finally released what could be one of the world's biggest government databases. The Combined Online Information System – known universally as Coins – is the most detailed record of public spending imaginable. Some 24m individual spending items in a CSV file of 120GB presents a unique picture of how the government does its business." - all thanks to Tom Taylor and the Lib Dems. Basically.
tomtaylor  guardian  data 
june 2010 by benterrett
Sam Winston
Fun with type and data and stuff. Via Giles Brenard.
typography  type  data  dataviz  tangibledigital 
may 2010 by benterrett SoftTech VC‘s Jeff Clavier on Frothy Angel Rounds
Location is the new social. - Big data. We still don't know what to do with it yet and so there are unrealized opportunities
danheaf  future  review10  location  maps  gps  data  dataviz 
april 2010 by benterrett
Yep Sport » Blog Archive » E9: Gridded
Nice write up of the Nike Grid experience including some mapping stuff.
maps  ngrid  data  running 
april 2010 by benterrett
Election editorial: who should the Guardian support? | Open thread | Comment is free |
Later today, the editor of the Guardian, Alan Rusbridger, will hold an open meeting for staff to discuss what political position the paper should adopt in its election editorial.
chart  data  guardian  guardianidea 
april 2010 by benterrett
'OK, let's do it': How Britain's official data was freed | Technology |
A "hack day" at the Guardian's offices in October 2009 produced a "postcode paper" that drew together all the local information about a particular postcode as an illustration of how powerful data could be, though the paper itself pointed out that the principal barriers to anyone being able to use it were the cost of postcode data, and the licensing costs for Ordnance Survey maps.
tomtaylor  newspaperclub  data 
january 2010 by benterrett
Movie character interactions over time. Good.
starwars  data  dataviz  chart 
january 2010 by benterrett
cityofsound: Visualising emails on the CLOUD project, or sketching the ‘new smokestacks’
Lovely post from Dan visualising emails. I love the simple workings, less so the final piece.
danhill  email  data  dataviz  review09  graphicdesign 
january 2010 by benterrett
diamond geezer
London's ten busiest tube stations (2008) and quietest etc etc. Via blech
tube  rail  data  stats  nationalrail  station  blech 
january 2010 by benterrett / UK / Politics & policy - Government targets growth in data giveaway
"Newspaper Club, a 4IP investment, already uses some data to produce short-run newspapers dedicated to individual postcodes, detailing local healthcare, crime or government amenities."
newspaperclub  vanity  ft  government  data  pr  review09 
december 2009 by benterrett
Speech on Smarter Government |
All of this will be available for free commercial re-use, enabling people for the first time to take the material and easily turn it into applications, like fix my street or "the postcode paper".
newspaperclub  vanity  gordonbrown  data  pr  postcodes 
december 2009 by benterrett
Germany's 'Niiu' Newspaper Enters Troubled Industry - TIME
It's old-school journalism, perhaps, but with a twist. And in the age of Twitter and hyper-personalized social-networking sites, the publishers may have discovered a model that could set it apart from the other staid papers in a dying industry.
newspaperclub  twitter  data  niiu 
october 2009 by benterrett
Geo-Personalised Data Newspaper, aka The Postcode Paper #newspaperclub or How I’m always late to my own party. « geobloggers
"Which is, to go off at a tangent, in essence one of the big problems with Digital Britain. The theory goes that The Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey have too much locked up in their data, they’d have to say something like “I know, we’ll unlock all our data, that’ll cause us to instantly wipe £350 million [made up big number] off our spreadsheets”.
digitalbritain  government  newspaperclub  data  revdancatt 
october 2009 by benterrett
How Different Groups Spend Their Day - Interactive Graphic -
"The American Time Use Survey asks thousands of American residents to recall every minute of a day. Here is how people over age 15 spent their time in 2008."
data  dataviz  animation  newyorktimes  nyt  graphicdesign  design  review09 
august 2009 by benterrett
BBC NEWS | Magazine | A good runner, but not great
What's striking is the strange disappearance of good runners. That's good runners, rather than great - those who are far better than most, but not world-class, the kind who would impress at club level.

In 1982, a time of two hours 40 minutes would have placed you 457th. Last year, it would have been good enough for 184th - this despite the huge increase in competitors.
marathon  running  data  viz  runners 
april 2009 by benterrett
scraplab : where in the world is james?
"James got in touch before he left and we quickly developed a live dashboard, tracking progress and raising awareness of his 6 month journey. Where in the World is James?"
rig  tomtaylor  data  cycling  world  tracking  spime  satellite  gps 
april 2009 by benterrett
Getting Past the Pie Chart § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM
"While modern designers keep inventing more and more creative visualizations, the true frontiers this year may be much more modest — learning the limitations of graphics, and using perception-informed design and interactive techniques to make the most of the forms that already exist. The pie chart, which has borne the scorn of perceptual psychologists for decades, may fail in some respects, but modern visualization has in many ways failed to learn from its mistakes. Above all, we should remember that throwing data into a chart is not always the route to greater understanding. Says Spence: “There is a place for tables in the world.” "
charts  piechart  data  visualisation  graphicdesign  design 
april 2009 by benterrett
Goodbye Google | stopdesign
"Yes, it’s true that a team at Google couldn’t decide between two blues, so they’re testing 41 shades between each blue to see which one performs better. I had a recent debate over whether a border should be 3, 4 or 5 pixels wide, and was asked to prove my case.'
google  design  data  funny  jobs  future 
march 2009 by benterrett
Guardian launches Open Platform service to make online content available free | Media |
"Other partners for the launch of the service include web design firm Stamen and OpenStreetMap" Sounds good.
stamen  data  open  source  guardian  internet 
march 2009 by benterrett
scraplab : hereish, nowish
"I’m vaguely tempted to shutdown iamnear, to be reborn as iamnearish. The Blue Posts is north of you, about five minutes walk away. Have a wander around, or ask someone. You’ll find it." Except that the data isn't often that accurate.
data  database  tomtaylor  good  funny  iamnear  location  mobile 
february 2009 by benterrett
adaptive path » blog » Brandon Schauer » Dopplr’s moment of long wow
"What’s remarkable is how much it delighted me and caused me to change my relationship with Dopplr. It delighted me by being perhaps the best designed statement I’ve ever received. I pine for the day a bank or phone company delivers a statement to me that provide insight about my behavior AND makes me want to hang it on my refrigerator."
dopplr  good  data  infomatics  mattjones 
january 2009 by benterrett
Design tip: use extraordinary imagery | Wisdump
"Dogfoose uses close-up images of produce in his illustrations. The sample below uses broccoli as treetops for a kids magazine illustration:"
good  funny  illustration  data  illustrator 
december 2008 by benterrett
Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect: Power, Accountability I
"Whilst the use of electricity meters is common place – what if every device that consumed power was required to display its power consumption"
energy  data  janchipchase  cina  power  electricity  monitor  sus  sustainability 
december 2008 by benterrett
Terminal 5 Today - British Airways
I want this to be good, but it isn't. I just don't believe that all the moods are "calm" and "impressed" no one said "fucked off" or "I'm never fucking flying BA again"?
ba  generative  web  tangibledigital  live  moods  clouds  tags  data 
november 2008 by benterrett
swissmiss: street with a view
Having fun with Google Street View. Nice.
google  streetview  funny  maps  data 
november 2008 by benterrett
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