The Decade of Display That Wasn’t 2007 – 2017 – Jonathan Mendez
"So here we are. The end of 2017. Best estimates (eMarketer) place U.S. Display spending at ~ $150B the past 10 years. $150 Billion in display advertising. Can anyone remember a single display campaign the last decade besides “punch the monkey?”"
advertising  digital 
2 days ago
Neo Bankside: how Richard Rogers's new 'non-dom accom' cut out the poor | Art and design | The Guardian
"Public space? … The development is garnished with the usual meagre concession to public amenities – a small area closed to the public at 8pm."
richardrogers  architecture  southwark  planning 
2 days ago
Richard Rogers: ‘I would never dream of doing the Pompidou now’ | Art and design | The Guardian
"He devotes too much energy to bemoaning the lack of vision of the supposed enemies of modern architecture, and not enough to addressing the matter of his own regrets (though when I ask him about this, he says: “I don’t know that I do regret a major piece of my professional life.”)"
richardrogers  book  review  2018 
2 days ago
Being a British Citizen – Alexandra D-S – Medium
"Thursday nights are for a drink in the pub with work friends, well probably more than one. Fridays are spent hungover because being British, you know that Fridays are a fraud. Nothing of any real importance happens on a Friday."
alexds  britain  writing  2018 
6 days ago
The foco (Phil Gyford’s website)
I don’t know much about how to effect change in a large organisation but I know people who have done it (or tried to do it). Hello, agile digital change agents! When I read this book review I thought of you.
digital  transformation  government 
18 days ago
Kenny Dalglish: ‘As long as we’re living we won’t have closure on Hillsborough’ | Football | The Guardian
“I played for Celtic and Liverpool with all those great players and managers. But they were very humble and kind. It seemed not a bad idea to follow their lead.”
leadership  football  management  kennyDalglish  liverpool 
9 weeks ago
Tim O'Reilly: The Oracle of Silicon Valley |
"Money is like gasoline during a road trip," he says. "You don't want to run out of gas on your trip, but you're not doing a tour of gas stations. You have to pay attention to money, but it shouldn't be about the money."
TimOReilly  wisdom  quote  education  advice  money  tech 
9 weeks ago
Amazon's AWS cloud business is reshaping how the financial services industry works — Quartz
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the biggest provider of cloud computing, which has “massively” lowered barriers to entry for financial startups, according to Antony Jenkins, the former Barclays CEO turned fintech entrepreneur. He says tech firms used to raise millions of dollars just to buy servers; now, people who want to take on banks can use the tech giant’s cloud to quickly set up systems.
An example is Starling Bank, which is built on Amazon’s cloud. CEO Anne Boden—previously a technology executive at Royal Bank of Scotland—says processes that once cost $30 million can be done for $30,000, thanks in large part to the cloud. Likewise, 140 people can implement what used to require ten times as many employees
amazon  technology  cloud  banking  finance 
11 weeks ago
What is your biggest regret? Here are people's devastatingly honest answers | Life and style | The Guardian
"The most debilitating enemy you can have is your own fear. Own your mistakes but don’t dwell on self-blame. Be confident. Learn from your teachers – you’ll never regret that. Take risks – they may go wrong but it’s better than regretting not having tried. Ring your mother, be kind to everyone"
learning  teaching  advice  2017 
11 weeks ago
Silicon Valley’s Secrets Are Hiding in Marc Andreessen’s Library | WIRED
"In 1908, the country’s nine largest filmmakers formed the Movie Picture Patents Company, insisting that no one else could make movies because they controlled the patents on the original movie camera, co-created by Thomas Edison at his lab in New Jersey. The patents belonged to Edison, and he backed the Patents Company. So a new wave of filmmakers moved to the West Coast, where the courts were less friendly to Edison. Hollywood became a place to make movies in part because it was so sunny—you could film outdoors more often and with fewer lights—but also because it was so far away from New Jersey."
AndreessenHorowitz  hollywood  siliconvalley  venturecapital  books  2017 
september 2017 - Major Business News
John Bussey WSJ account of 9/11
wsj  writing  911 
september 2017
House Address “Twins” Proximity – The Unusually Named Blog
See these two houses? They’re both number 443 Manchester Road!

The one on the left is in Bolton, and the one on the right is in Manchester. They’re literally next door to each other!
amazing  data  land  property  2017  funny 
september 2017
Pitch deck: How Amazon is selling ad buyers on its growing advertising business - Digiday
Lawn meet tanks --> "agencies can now buy ads on their own through Amazon Media Group"
amazon  agencies  advertising  media  lawnmeettanks 
september 2017
Partners: Dick Powell and Richard Seymour | The Independent
Richard Seymour on advertising "More often than not we were compensating for the inadequacies in the product itself."
advertising  richardseymour  seymourpowell  dickpowell 
september 2017
A hard sell for the ad men
[Unillever] The group is cutting the number of ads it makes by 30 per cent and reducing the average cost of making one by 14 per cent. It is halving the 3,000 creative agencies with which it works and reducing by 40 per cent the number and cost of consultants it uses.
unilever  advertising  economy 
august 2017
Digital platforms force a rethink in competition theory
"The concern may be well founded but taking forceful action will require economists to provide some practical ways of proving and measuring the harm caused by increasing market power in the digital economy." great article on new economic models and changes needed in regulators
digital  transformation  economy  DianeCoyle 
august 2017
The life of Brian | THE DULWICH DIVERTER - a free community newspaper
Brian Green is celebrating 60 years at his much-loved stationery and toy shop in Dulwich Village.
august 2017
Government IT suppliers behaved appallingly - Bill Crothers - BBC News
"The Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said in one case a government department was charged £30,000 for changing the text on a web page."
government  gds  digital  transformation  maude  quotes 
august 2017
An anti-Brexit party has the sharp focus to appeal
“The moment you decide,” Mr Blair writes in his memoirs, “you divide”.
tonyblair  brexit  politics 
august 2017
Trump has taken us to the brink of nuclear war. Does he know when to stop? | Opinion | The Guardian
"This was the moment many Americans, along with the rest of the world, feared. This – precisely this – was what alarmed us most about the prospect of Donald Trump becoming president of the United States. Not that he would hire useless people or that he would tweet all day or use high office to enrich himself and his family or that he’d be cruel, bigoted and divisive – though those were all concerns. No, the chief anxiety provoked by the notion of Trump in the White House was this: that he was sufficiently reckless, impulsive and stupid to bring the world to the brink of nuclear war."
donaldtrump  2017  northkorea 
august 2017
Tesla Pushes OTA Software Update To Fix Passenger Airbag Issue In Model X
Trip to the dealership? Nope. Tesla will fix this issue with an over-the-air software update that was sent out starting over this past weekend.
tesla  digital  software 
july 2017
Businesses are using 'digital transformation' purely for marketing purposes, says Co-Op CDO Mike Bracken | Computing
"Digital transformation involves asking some very basic questions of yourself like: should we even do this anymore? Why are we set up this way? How can we do something different? What are the real user needs that our customers have?"
mikebracken  digital  publicdigital  coop  marketing  transformation 
july 2017
Naming Progressive Web Apps | fberriman
"The name isn’t for you and worrying about it is distraction from just building things that work better for everyone. The name is for your boss, for your investor, for your marketeer."
apps  FrancesBerriman  web  digital  2017 
july 2017
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