Bill Text - AB-168 Employers: salary information.
In CA it's illegal for employers to ask for your salary history
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10 days ago
Go Deeper, Not Wider
Having completed a Depth Year would be a hallmark of maturity, representing the transition between having reached adulthood chronologically and reaching it spiritually. You learn not to be so flippant with your aspirations.

By taking a whole year to go deeper instead of wider, you end up with a rich but carefully curated collection of personal interests, rather than the hoard of mostly-dormant infatuations that happens so easily in post-industrial society.

Someone’s Depth Year would be a celebrated cultural moment in their community. Oh, Sam is starting his Depth Year this winter! Maybe he’ll finally read his copy of Moby Dick, and start learning complete songs on guitar instead of just bits of them. There could be a bar-mitzvah-like ceremony on the eve of your Depth Year, which would create a bit of accountability. Maybe at the end of the year your peers present you with a special ring.

A big part of the Depth Year’s maturing process would be learning to live without regular doses of the little high we get when we start something new. If we indulge in it too often, we can develop a sort of “sweet tooth” for the feeling of newness itself. When newness is always available, it’s easier to seek more of it than to actually engage with a tricky chord change, the dull sections in Les Miserables, or the dozens of ugly roses you need to paint before you get your first good one.


Many bookshelves make our modern day width-to-depth problem obvious. You might acquire several books for every one you read. There’s something fishy about that—you buy the book under the pretense that what you want is to read it. But again and again you prove that you want a new book more than you want the unread books you already own—books you bought months ago under the same pretense, and from which you derived the same cheap thrill of acquiring it.
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18 days ago
My Depth Year 2018: The Constraints of Deep Focus : zen habits
I like this idea of a depth year, I wonder if I can do something similar.
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18 days ago
What's the best hardware for Mining Ether? - Ethereum Stack Exchange
For the lowest heat (and electricity) per unit hashrate I would say the R9 Nano.

For best hashrate per unit electricity I would say the R9 Fury X.

For the lowest upfront cost, possibly the R9 290.

If you are considering the superseded AMD HD range, the HD 7990 gives you the highest hashrate as this is essentially 2 x HD 7990 GPUs packaged as one. It is harder to find stocks of these units now.

I've gone for the R9 390X.
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27 days ago
Baum–Welch algorithm - Wikipedia
Renaissance Technologies builds their investment strategy on top of this
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5 weeks ago
Genetic and environmental determinants of stressful life events and their overlap with depression and neuroticism | bioRxiv
Background: Stressful life events (SLEs) and neuroticism are risk factors for major depressive disorder (MDD). However, SLEs and neuroticism are heritable traits that are correlated with genetic risk for MDD. In the current study, we sought to investigate the genetic and environmental contributions to SLEs in a large family-based sample, and quantify any genetic overlap with MDD and neuroticism. Methods: A subset of Generation Scotland: the Scottish Family Health Study, consisting of 9618 individuals comprise the present study. We estimated the heritability of SLEs using pedigree-based and molecular genetic data. The environment was assessed by modelling familial, couple and sibling components. Using polygenic risk scores (PRS) and LD score regression we analysed the genetic overlap between MDD, neuroticism and SLEs. Results: Past 6-month life events were positively correlated with lifetime MDD status (β=0.21, r2=1.1%, p=2.5 x 10-25) and neuroticism (β=0.13, r2=1.9%, p=1.04 x 10-37). Common SNPs explained 8% of the variance in personal life events (those directly affecting the individual) (S.E.=0.03, p=9 x 10-4). A significant effect of couple environment accounted for 13% (S.E.=0.03, p=0.016) of variation in SLEs. PRS analyses found that individuals with higher PRS for MDD reported more SLEs (β=0.05, r2=0.3%, p=3 x 10-5). LD score regression demonstrated genetic correlations between MDD and both SLEs (rG=0.33, S.E.=0.08 ) and neuroticism (rG=0.15, S.E.=0.07). Conclusions: These findings suggest that SLEs are partially heritable and this heritability is shared with risk for MDD and neuroticism. Further work should determine the causal direction and source of these associations.
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11 weeks ago
Tech Giants Are Paying Huge Salaries for Scarce A.I. Talent
"Well-known names in the A.I. field have received compensation in salary and shares in a company’s stock that total single- or double-digit millions over a four- or five-year period. And at some point they renew or negotiate a new contract, much like a professional athlete."
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october 2017
Unqualified Reservations: Open letter pt. 2: more historical anomalies
"Unfortunately, the waters here are freshly muddied by a half-educated bestseller which argues that fascism was really a left-wing movement. Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, a far better writer, made the case far earlier and far more eruditely. He was still wrong."
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october 2017
Unqualified Reservations: An open letter to open-minded progressives (part 1)
"This is what I mean by "no consistent relationship to reality." If, for whatever reason, an error is better at replicating within the conservative mind than the truth, conservatives will come to believe the error. If the truth is more adaptive, they will come to believe the truth. It's fairly easy to see how an error could make a better story than the truth on Fox News, which is why one would be ill-advised to get one's truth from that source."
from instapaper
october 2017
There Never Was a Real Tulip Fever
"All the outlandish stories of economic ruin, of an innocent sailor thrown in prison for eating a tulip bulb, of chimney sweeps wading into the market in hopes of striking it rich—those come from propaganda pamphlets published by Dutch Calvinists worried that the tulip-propelled consumerism boom would lead to societal decay. Their insistence that such great wealth was ungodly has even stayed with us to this day."
from instapaper
october 2017
This ancient mnemonic technique builds a palace of memory | Aeon Ideas
This is very similar to the way the Luba people of West Africa use a well-documented memory board known as a lukasa. Previous researchers have claimed that the ‘men of memory’ of the Mbudye society would spend years learning a vast corpus of stories, dances and songs associated with the bead and shells attached to a piece of carved wood. My initial attitude when I read this was complete skepticism. It was surely claiming far too much for such a simple device. So I made one. I grabbed a piece of wood and glued some beads and shells on it and started encoding the 412 birds of my state: their scientific family names, identification, habitats and behaviour. It worked a treat. I no longer doubt the research. Though simple, this is an incredibly powerful memory tool. Inspired by my success with the lukasa, I have also created songlines for more than a kilometre around my home. I have a location on my walk for each of the 244 countries and dependent territories in the world. I walk through them from the most populous in China to little Pitcairn Island. I also walk through time from 4,500 million years ago until the present, nodding to the dinosaurs, meeting our hominid ancestors and greeting numerous characters from history. My memory has been hugely expanded by using this ancient mnemonic technique.
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september 2017
Mortgage Magnitude
Beautiful and clear visualization of housing prices
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september 2017
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