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Wealth: The Toxic Byproduct | Melting Asphalt
If you feel guilty for making money, your moral compass is pointing in exactly the wrong direction — 180-degrees from what is right.

Earnings are a measure of the good done for other people, not evils done against them.


The point is, money spent on consumption is toxic — value-destroying. This is true even in our daily lives, without the literal magic window. Every time we spend money on a yacht or an iPhone or a nice jacket or even food, we're taking something of value from society and using it for our own purposes.


Earning money (via production) is good for others. Spending it (via consumption) is bad.
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Discipline And Divinity - Siddha Performance
If the reward is not immediate, the action is not worth it!

If you are going to do it NOW, then you must be rewarded NOW!


To live every action with discipline is perhaps the way to instant divinity.

A disciplined stride, disciplined speech, disciplined breathing, disciplined stirring of the warm soup, disciplined smiles, disciplined admonishments . . . a wholly disciplined micro-existence.

What does it mean to walk and speak disciplined? How will you know?

This question is not answered by words after the action takes place.

It is answered by the intention before the action commences.

Any principle or idea that you are considering, do not ask yourself if it is “worth doing.”

Ask yourself, “Is it worth devoting your life to.”
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