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How The Mind Keeps Men Bound And Gagged - Siddha Performance
If you wish to take a slave on a trip, you cannot ask the slave. You must ask the slave’s owner.


Aristotle Onassis’ father must have learned this lesson. For he told his son, “When you meet a man, write down how much time he is worth.”


Why does man not take action?

Because the mind has him bound and gagged.


Why does the mind have him bound and gagged?

Because of the mind’s love-hate relationship with change.

The mind likes new things. It likes changes of scenery. It enjoys vacations. New smells. New clothes. And so on.


You see, the mind is a coating of wax on a dirty car. The dirt remains preserved forever.


The difference between the superstar athlete and the one who struggles throughout his career is that one enjoys being a superstar and the other enjoys struggle.
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