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A Delicate Solution To The Pains And Sorrows Of Your Life - Siddha Performance

There will come a day in the future that isn’t as distant as your mind tells you it is. A day will certainly come when you and I are no longer here. And though a select few humans in the world will cry that we are gone, they will once again return to their lives. The buses and the trains will continue to run. The stores will open at the same time they always have.


And on that day that you die, if you are lucky you will have a moment or two to look back upon the number of hours and days and years that you were allotted. And when you do, what will you feel? What will you have to say about it?

I’m not interested in what others will say about you when you are dead.


In the end, life is more verb than noun.

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july 2018 by bekishore
Looking Into Your Eyes. And Calling Your Bluff - Siddha Performance
“These people listen and nod their heads but they don’t Act upon the advice. That is the problem.”


Because the vast majority of men and women are not interested in any sincere journey toward Everest. They’re interested in being Entertained by stories about Everest.


As for Vipassana, I will gladly attend it. On one condition.

If those who exit the Vipassana hall are equanimous, regardless of the circumstance, I will attend.
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july 2018 by bekishore
A packet of Rice shared Jason Yong's post. - A packet of Rice
Everyday passes, regardless if you feel happy or not. Why don't you do your best to be happy daily?
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february 2016 by bekishore

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