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These Are the 25 Smartest Companies in the World |
1. Tesla Motors (Automobiles--Palo Alto, California)

2. Xiaomi (Smartphones--Beijing, China)

3. Illumina (DNA-reading machines--San Diego, California)

4. Alibaba (Online retailer--Hangzhou, China)

5. Counsyl (DNA tests--South San Francisco, California)

6. SunEdison (Renewable energy products--Maryland Heights, Missouri)

7. Tencent (Internet service portal--Shenzhen, China)

8. Juno Therapeutics (Cancer treatment testing--Seattle, Washington)

9. SolarCity (Solar panel installer/manufacturer--San Mateo, California)

10. Netflix (Streaming video provider--Los Gatos, California)

11. OvaScience (Life sciences--Cambridge, Massachusetts)

12. Google (Search engine and more--Mountain View, California)

13. Amazon (Online retailer--Seattle, Washington)

14. AliveCor (Heart monitor maker--San Francisco, California)

15. Gilead Sciences (Pharmaceuticals--Foster City, California)

16. Apple (Computers--Cuptertino, California)

17. Voxel8 (3-D printers--Somerville, Massachusetts)

18. IDE Technologies (Water desalinization--Kadima, Israel)

19. Amgen (Pharmaceuticals--Thousand Oaks, California)

20. Aquion Energy (Energy storage--Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

21. Baidu (Internet services--Beijing, China)

22. SpaceX (Rockets--Hawthorne, California)

23. Sakti3 (Energy storage--Ann Arbor, Michigan)

24. Freescale Semiconductor (Semiconductors--Austin, Texas)

25. Universal Robots (Robotics--Odense, Denmark)
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