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The Secret Training That Bestows Instant Enlightenment Upon Any Man Or Woman Who Touches It - Siddha Performance
In that glorious masterpiece of a film, Bravheart, there is a scene that comes to mind.

William Wallace, the leader of Scotland’s resistance has been captured and imprisoned by his enemy, The English King. During his imprisonment, the woman who would be the English Queen comes to visit Wallace in prison.

She says to Wallace, “Sir, I come to beg you to confess all, and swear allegiance to the king, that he might show you mercy.”

To which Wallace replies, “If I swear to him, then everything I am is dead already.”


Never in all my life have I attempted to coax any man away from his sensibilities. Never have I attempted to “motivate” anyone. For if I do, then I am dead already.


I respect Tony Robbins for some of his insights, for some of them are undeniably correct. But his attempts to “motivate” and “energize” and “scream” and “dance” are sugar highs that leave a man by the time he reaches the parking lot. It is silly. And completely fruitless.


Never try to awaken a man who wishes to stay asleep.


For years I wanted to know what the zone was. As I look upon my shelf I see at least two books on “the zone.” They spend 300 pages saying that time slows down and things become effortless.


The zone, my dear friend, is a state of No-Mind.


So what does this mean for you?

What it means is that when a man who undergoes a special training to learn to Stop Thinking, he gains Clarity.

He gains Atmamun (the mind of the spirit).


And when you converse with a family member in this glorious state, your family member falls in love with you all over again.

When you speak to a business associate or an employee or a prospective client in this state, your words and your presence send a signal to the person’s mind that you are a Stalwart and a Master for whom they would do anything.


Put succinctly: The inability to curb involuntary thought is the single most pervasive Cancer of all mankind!


Devote one small part of your life to this one single training, and as sure as the night follows the day, all of the things listed above will become your living reality.
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july 2018 by bekishore
Becoming Napoleon And Buddha: The Untold Secrets To Leading Your Business Empire - Siddha Performance
how to become a great leader


Listen to your team, communicate as efficiently as possible, be an example, be passionate, be consistent, make firm decisions, identify mentors and role models, interfere only when necessary, know your limits, know your strengths, know your weaknesses, don’t make excuses, do good, meet new people, temper your reactions, and have fun . . .


To lead your empire, you must understand human beings.


You need only understand the heart which beats within them. And the mind which mercilessly rules them.


If you wish to get them to do something, you must provide for them a vision.


Understand, my friend, that this empire will not make you whole. You must arrive whole.


Your army must see in You what they’ve always longed to see in themselves.


Understand, my friend, that man is hungry for a journey more than he is hungry for a job.

He will appease you if you feed his stomach. But he will walk with you to the end of the earth if you feed his soul.


Slowly, carefully, and strategically, we will tease away the sinews and vines that keep you tethered to your destructive mind.

For it is bound by you. And you are bound by it.

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july 2018 by bekishore
The Incredible 90-Second Stress Cure For World Class Executives - Siddha Performance
You see, in your life you have events or deals or happenings that could go either way. If they go the way you’d like them to, you gain pleasure. If they go the other way, you feel pain.

Now, The Ultimate journey is to arrive at a point in which you are untouched by pleasure or pain. But this is a journey toward becoming a God. This is a journey toward attaining Human Perfection.

This is the journey of journies. It is the journey of the few. It is the legendary journey of the man who insists upon nothing less than The Ultimate.

There are clients of mine who I am guiding through this very journey. But this is only because they are among those rare Princes of mankind who have expressed an unflinching desire to embark upon it.

The universe has arranged it so that our paths would serendipitously intersect and it is truly an honor to explore this ultimate journey of man with these rare individuals.

If this is the sort of journey that grabs your heart, perhaps you are also one of these rare souls. And this journey awaits you.

In the meantime, I’d like to give you a million-dollar gift of truth which you may keep. And which you may employ for the rest of your life.


What this incredibly resourceful mind of yours does is that it takes this raw material of possibilities and it constructs an elaborate scaffolding of hope and fear. This is the skeletal structure that we call “Stress.”

It then runs a loop of recurring thoughts, which you simmer inside of. This is your experience of Stress.

There is something you must understand about the mind. Something that it doesn’t want you to know. But I’ll reveal it to you here:

The mind is ten times more fearful of Not getting what it wants, than it is desirous of getting what it wants.

Read that again.
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july 2018 by bekishore
The Glorious Secret To Unbridled Peace - Siddha Performance
Human beings have become accustomed to chasing MIRAGES. And this is why their thirst is never quenched.

There is the innocent love of craft. And the ceaseless exploration of this craft through sincere means leads to mastery. And where there is mastery, there is always success.

WITHOUT the need for “striving.”

But it seems that human beings have chased for so long that they have become accustomed to the Chase.
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july 2018 by bekishore
The Highly Coveted Secrets To Becoming A Real Life JEDI MASTER - Siddha Performance
To simply download the knowledge that you seek from the universe around you. Like downloading part of a hard disk onto a flash drive.
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june 2018 by bekishore
Sources of Power | Path-Sensitive
in life as in stocks, the winner is often not someone who knows what will happen, but someone who figured out slightly more than everyone else. And, for predicting the future, not many are trying.
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