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The Innocent Warrior - Siddha Performance
The most pervasive idea throughout the world is the idea that “if you do This, you will get That.”

If you buy into this idea, then why don’t you go to the supermarket tomorrow, pay for your groceries and tell the cashier that months or years into the future, when they get around to it, they can deliver your groceries to you.


The only God you will ever have is You! And instead of exploring him, you abandon him in search of one who lives in the stars that are (conveniently) millions of miles away.


An innocent journey is one that is walked with the heart and without the mind.

The heart says Go There! And the mind says What if something happens along the way?
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What's your morning ritual?
What is the purpose of your visit to our website today?
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Awakening in the Digital Age: Eckhart Tolle, Karen May - YouTube
ram dass : if you think... you are enlightened... stay with parents/relatives for a week
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