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Human beings have been told a great truth. But with a terrible omission.

They have been told that the mind is the most powerful tool in the world.

But what they have not been told is that in order to Use this tool, they must first become separate from it.

The mind stands as a veil between man and his true life.

It stands as a barrier between man and his otherworldly capabilities.

And this is precisely because man lives enslaved to the mind. As such, man has become a tool for the mind.

This one truth is the source of ALL of man’s miseries, distractions, vices, habits, conflicts, and mediocrities.

Once we learn what the mind fundamentally is, we learn to distance ourself from it. And in doing so, we gain instant CLARITY.


The world is awash in “instructions” and “prescriptions.” I have no use for such things.

For if you tell a man “how” to do something, he will forever be subservient to the How. And never to The Thing.

“Instruction” does not create knowledge. It creates dependency.


And the holy grail of human existence, human performance, and human perfection: The State of No-Mind.
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