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Some terrible personal news
Please give your friends or family a hug for me. We never know how much time we have with someone, and sometimes it’s all too short.
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march 2018 by bekishore
How Jane Vonnegut Made Kurt Vonnegut a Writer - The New Yorker
Once married, the pair began figuring out how to run that nation, which was to be, they decided, a nation of love, arts, common decency, and peace. Jane drafted a household constitution: “We cannot and will not live in and be hogtied by a society which not only has not faith in the things we have faith in, but which reviles and damns that faith with practically every breath it draws.”


The next week, in a calmer mood, he articulated his new conviction. “Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief? Doctor, Lawyer, Merchant, Chief?” he wrote, reprising his old theme. “From your loving me I’ve drawn a measure of courage that never would have come to me otherwise. You’ve given me the courage to decide to be a writer. That much of my life has been decided. Regardless of my epitaph, to be a writer will have been my personal ultimate goal.”
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december 2015 by bekishore
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