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Fields Medalist Akshay Venkatesh Bridges Math and Time | Quanta Magazine
“Sometimes, people see things in you that you don’t see.”


“You start to see that, well, a thought you had some years ago comes back and sort of has grown, because you’ve seen other things in the meantime,” he said. “It’s funny, I never would have described myself as a patient person. But that’s just how it is.”


“You just talk about the essence of things.”
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I've Got Some Things to Say | By Romelu Lukaku
Let me tell you something — every game I ever played was a Final. When I played in the park, it was a Final. When I played during break in kindergarten, it was a Final. I’m dead-ass serious. I used to try to tear the cover off the ball every time I shot it. Full power. We weren’t hitting R1, bro. No finesse shot. I didn’t have the new FIFA. I didn’t have a Playstation. I wasn’t playing around. I was trying to kill you.
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How To Leave People Stunned And Mesmerized - Siddha Performance
It’s not the other person’s mind that sees you, nor is it his or her intellect.

It is his Spirit!

And Spirits are mesmerized when they encounter an Enlightened Spirit.

I’ll say that again: Spirits Are Mesmerized When They Encounter An Enlightened Spirit.


The point is: It is The State Of Your Mind that determines your daily experience of life.


It is the state of your mind that determines how much wealth you amass.

It is the state of your mind that determines whether you come off as luke-warm or Downright Captivating to those who buy your products and contribute to your empire.
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Rick's Apps
Making life better, one app at a time…
rick  cranisky  people  2018 
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How Apple Programmer Sal Soghoian Got Apps Talking to Each Other | WIRED
To Soghoian, the CEO's harsh words were a direct attack on his work. "I sort of saw it as 'I might be this dog on my square yard of dirt, but I know every bit of that square yard and you're stepping on my yard," he says, "'I'm gonna bite your leg.'"
apple  people  2018-06-04  sal  soghoian  automation  guru 
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Life is Short
If you ask yourself what you spend your time on that's bullshit, you probably already know the answer. Unnecessary meetings, pointless disputes, bureaucracy, posturing, dealing with other people's mistakes, traffic jams, addictive but unrewarding pastimes.
death  die  matter  people  life  short  paul  graham  bullshit  bs  2018-04-25  2018-04  2018  time  attention  focus  seek  seeking  seeker  why  living  0 
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Stripe Home
Home is the source of truth for who we are, what we’re doing, and why—and a platform for enabling individuals and helping them get to know one another.
truth  stripe  home  people  who  why  2018-04-20 
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Kijin Sung
Hi, I'm Kijin. Pronunciation: kee-jin.

I like thinking and writing about social, cultural, and political issues, especially where they relate to information technology. I’ve lived in a few different countries, most recently Canada and Korea.
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