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Becoming Perfect - Siddha Performance
Understand that Perfect has nothing to do with Perfectionism.

Perfect is the state of Being Perfect.


Mankind has lost the war with his mind. And the greatest reason for this is because he doesn’t even recognize that a battle is taking place.

Perfectionism is the Need to be perfect.


“So you don’t want me to try. But you don’t want me Not to try. You don’t want me to think. But you don’t want me to force myself from thinking. You don’t want me to guide. But you don’t want me to completely let go. You don’t want me to try to be perfect. But you don’t want me to even need to be perfect. But still you think I’m supposed to arrive at perfection. Is this what you’re saying?”

I will look into this man’s eyes with a gentle smile, and say . . .

My dear friend, is that a problem?
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