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Naval on Twitter: "Specific knowledge is knowledge that you cannot be trained for. If society can train you, it can train someone else, and replace you."
Specific knowledge is knowledge that you cannot be trained for. If society can train you, it can train someone else, and replace you.
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july 2018 by bekishore
The Source Of Ultimate Human Intelligence - Siddha Performance
The reason that some are visionaries and artists is not because they are more “intelligent.” It is because they are more Available.
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july 2018 by bekishore
Enlightened Imagination For Citizens
When Einstein remarked that “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, he meant “enlightened imagination”—that is, imagination aided by specially obtained knowledge using methods that as much as possible are able to avoid being snarled by our naïve takes on what is around us.


Thomas Austin - Australia - Rabbits


In our world, we have enough power to topple our most important systems, but not the power to restore most of them.


Being heroic in the face of disaster—as humans often are—will not help in most of these cases. This means that we have to “learn about consequences before they happen”. We have to be able to summon vivid enough imaginations of the disasters to be heroic long before they happen. And we have to educate our imaginations how to do this without introducing superstitions and paranoid delusions.

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september 2015 by bekishore
Erik Naggum, R.I.P. - Kent Pitman - Open Salon
“The purpose of human existence is to learn and to understand as much as we can of what came before us, so we can further the sum total of human knowledge in our life.” —Erik Naggum
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march 2015 by bekishore

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