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Once your work is nearing perfection it's now vital to know what's wrong with it. My music teacher does this. Last week I played the Opus 64 from beginning to end. It was first time I'd done this. When I was done he had several comments; the right hand tricky bits were OK but some of the chords in the left hand were fumbled or wrong - I needed to know this.

In the West there is a culture of praise and encouragement and it certainly would not be a good idea to criticize beginners for every mistake they make. But at a certain point encouragement must be changed to criticism. Encouragement is fine to get you started, but not sufficient to achieve perfection.

I noticed this years ago, the transition from a schoolkid to undergraduate and then PhD student involved being subject to more and more criticism and less and less praise.

The thing to remember about criticism is that it's not about you. It's not about you it's about your work and the purpose is to improve your work. How you receive criticism is important. If you perceive it as an attack you will reject it. If you perceive it as a way to improve what you're doing then you'll find it helpful.
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