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In my own words | Graham Bell
What for you, is the best thing about being a father and grandfather?
Having a son, a daughter and a grandson to love to bits and be immensely proud of. Remember they’re the ones who decide what home to put you in.
graham  bell  interview  in  my  own  words  father  grandfather  grand  wow  well  said 
september 2016 by bekishore
Eckhart Tolle TV: How can we address our ecological situation? - YouTube
7:12 the planet could easily without violence eliminate humans - make the males and females infertile... mmm
am  pm  depression  nba  next  best  action  farming  rain  nature  calamity  when  in  doubt  youtube  tolle  video  ecology  ecological  situation  howto  2015-11-10  mmm  wisdom  !  00  000  0000  planet  violence  earth  power  intelligence  planetary  0 
november 2015 by bekishore
Vazkai Vazhvatharke : Mahatria Ra Thanthi TV - YouTube
7:34 parenting
10:04 mother in law - daughter in law - marriage
youtube  video  ttr  parenting  marriage  in  law  relationship 
february 2015 by bekishore

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