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IBM Cognos TM1
IBM Cognos TM1 is an enterprise planning software platform that can transform your entire planning cycle, from target setting and budgeting to reporting, scorecarding, analysis and forecasting. Available as an on-premise or on-cloud solution, and with extensive mobile capabilities, Cognos TM1 enables you to collaborate on plans, budgets and forecasts.
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july 2017 by bekishore
Listen to the wild ducks: How IBM adopted Slack – Design at IBM – Medium
I shouted “Just tell me one thing I can do to help you, so I can hang up and work on it!” to which Sam replied “Make Slack an officially supported tool tomorrow!” I told Sam that ‘tomorrow’ was unrealistic, but I’d work on making Slack an officially-sanctioned tool for IBMers.
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april 2017 by bekishore
NEW IBM STUDY: CEOs Encourage Employees to Act Like Children | Business 2 Community
The principle insights from IBM’s 2012 CEO study reflect four traits most parents try to engender in their children: play well together, listen, share, and use your imagination.
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may 2012 by bekishore

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