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I am utterly unapologetic about chasing my own happiness. It’s so important that every spare moment I get, I ask myself, often out loud, “OK, what do you want to do now?”

Some people view happiness as a finite resource: if I chase my happiness, then there is less happiness for others to have. I believe there is plenty of happiness out there and you just have to go and grab your own share of it.

Some people say that my happiness is only attainable because I’m standing on the shoulders of others. I’m very grateful to those who have come before me or those who have opened up opportunities for me to be happy. But let me be very clear: I believe they acted in their own best interests and because helping others made them happy.

To act in direct contrast of what makes you happy is a foolish choice and I wouldn’t want to be obligated to anyone because they sacrificed their own happiness for mine. I could never sleep at night knowing someone else had to be unhappy for me to be happy.
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march 2014 by bekishore
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