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How The Mind Keeps Men Bound And Gagged - Siddha Performance
If you wish to take a slave on a trip, you cannot ask the slave. You must ask the slave’s owner.


Aristotle Onassis’ father must have learned this lesson. For he told his son, “When you meet a man, write down how much time he is worth.”


Why does man not take action?

Because the mind has him bound and gagged.


Why does the mind have him bound and gagged?

Because of the mind’s love-hate relationship with change.

The mind likes new things. It likes changes of scenery. It enjoys vacations. New smells. New clothes. And so on.


You see, the mind is a coating of wax on a dirty car. The dirt remains preserved forever.


The difference between the superstar athlete and the one who struggles throughout his career is that one enjoys being a superstar and the other enjoys struggle.
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july 2018 by bekishore
Master, Can You Not Journey With People For Free? - Siddha Performance
S: What is the Truth, Master?

M: If I tell you, you will consider it. As you consider it, you will either believe or not believe. If you believe it, you will not have understood. If you do not believe it, you will not have understood.


S: I still would like to hear it.

M: I have no interest in wasting my words, student. Curiosity does not inspire me to reveal anything to anyone.


S: I am frustrated . . . And also envious, Master. In a way, I find myself angry with you. You have done nothing to me. But I am frustrated that I have not found the answers, despite years of effort. And I am angry and envious that you have. Why should these come to you and not to me? Please forgive me, Master.


S: Then why does the Truth come to you and not to me?

M: Because I am more serious than you.

S: That is indeed head-on. The universe does not give lee way, I suppose.

M: Why should it, student? Why should it give its most glorious riches to one who is not sufficiently sincere? This world is full of pretenders, my student. Every day they beg to have an audience with me. They say lofty things. They feign sincerity. If I agree to seem them and begin to speak of what it will take to realize the Truth, they make all kinds of excuses. They cannot do this. They cannot do that. They will have to wait until the time is right. Someday they will return. True sincerity, being All-in, the willingness to beg, borrow, and steal if one must . . . Such humans are one in a million, student. One in a million.

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july 2018 by bekishore
On Becoming So Free That You Float Through Life - Siddha Performance
Treat your profession as an expression of your freedom. For if it is not, it’s a “job.” And I will state emphatically that human beings were not meant to be “workers.” They were meant to be Creators. And the only person who can create is the one who is free. If there are parts of your profession that are binding you, change them. Immediately. If there are parts of your profession that give you strife, it is because you are not insisting upon Freedom. Instead, you are hoping that it will come to you if “things start to go your way.”


Decide precisely where you would like to go. And if this is too difficult, decide precisely where you no longer wish to be.

Create. Succeed. Earn. Enjoy. But keep it at arm’s length. The only thing to keep in your heart is Freedom. Everything else is negotiable.

Freedom is only available Today. And today is the thing you have ignored for years.
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july 2018 by bekishore
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