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Thierry Henry gives Romelu Lukaku a playful shove in Belgium training ahead of World Cup semi-final | Daily Mail Online
Martinez, meanwhile, has admitted that his side must continue to be brave when they face Euro 2016 finalists France on Tuesday night.

'This group has to play with no fear at all,' he told ESPN FC. 'If we approach this match with fear within us, we will bring ourselves down and we'd be able to do so much less than what we can actually do.

'To play without fear would probably be the one thing which would help us the most.

'This group of players needs to play without fear to keep all of its options open. It's like a voyage to the moon: We need to face it full of illusions.'
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july 2018 by bekishore
French court rules that it's illegally anticompetitive for Google to provide free maps API - Boing Boing
Bottin Cartographes argued that Google was only planning to give away the service for free until all the competitors had been driven out of business and then they would start charging
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