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Listen to the wild ducks: How IBM adopted Slack – Design at IBM – Medium
I shouted “Just tell me one thing I can do to help you, so I can hang up and work on it!” to which Sam replied “Make Slack an officially supported tool tomorrow!” I told Sam that ‘tomorrow’ was unrealistic, but I’d work on making Slack an officially-sanctioned tool for IBMers.
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Today, I’m proud to announce a new boycott, less politically important but equally consequential for my quality of life, and to recommend it to all of my friends.  Namely: as long as the world gives me any choice in the matter, I will never again struggle to log in to any organization’s website.  I’ll continue to devote a huge fraction of my waking hours to fielding questions from all sorts of people on the Internet, and I’ll do it cheerfully and free of charge.  All I ask is that, if you have a question, or a document you want me to read, you email it!  Or leave a blog comment, or stop by in person, or whatever—but in any case, don’t make me log in to anything other than Gmail or Facebook or WordPress or a few other sites that remain navigable by a senile 35-year-old who’s increasingly fixed in his ways.  Even Google Docs and Dropbox are pushing it: I’ll give up (on principle) at the first sight of any login issue, and ask for just a regular URL or an attachment.
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