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SAP COO Christian Klein Demos the Digital Boardroom at SAPPHIRE NOW - YouTube
1. big data to big insight
2. insight into action - get rid of static presentations
3. coding solution with beautiful user experience
sap  coo  youtube  video  bill  mcdermott  digital  boardroom  revenue  expense  profit 
september 2016 by bekishore
Awakening in the Digital Age: Eckhart Tolle, Karen May - YouTube
ram dass : if you think... you are enlightened... stay with parents/relatives for a week
discipline  rules  rule  ritual  rituals  work  life  balance  awakening  digital  age  eckhart  tolle  karen  may  wisdom  youtube  video  ego  regularly  watch  do  2do  todo  serendipity  email  addiction  distraction  0 
november 2015 by bekishore
Sven Denecken: Embrace the digital economy or be left behind | The New Economy - YouTube
1. customer centricity
2. operationally simple
3. global network
4. technology innovation - IoT , big data

> hyper connectivity - big data science
sven  denecken  SAP  digital  youtube  video 
september 2015 by bekishore
Digital Hand Tremor Assessment — Chris Smith
I built a hand tremor assessment tool using a new type of computer interface for assessing a persons ability to draw a pattern and how fast their hand moves back and forth and some other statistics.
tldr  digital  hand  tremor  assessment 
may 2014 by bekishore
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