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David Getoff's 60 day ( 8 week ) experimental health diet
If you feel that you could not eat this way even for a few weeks, then I feel sorry for you, since it
means that society has turned you into a complete convenience food, zero will power junkie.
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august 2018 by bekishore
There Is No Right Decision
Here’s how I think it really works: You’ll make a million decisions, and each will shape your life and other people’s lives in ways you’ll barely know. You will have surprising successes and surprising failures. You’ll give yourself too much credit for both. Then you’ll die.

Much more important than any decision, or its consequences, is the motivation behind the sorts of decisions you tend to make. Principles, applied over the years, have consistent, traceable trajectories.
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august 2018 by bekishore
The jobs of the future – and two skills you need to get them | World Economic Forum
social and math skills --- Could a robot do your job? Millions of people who didn’t see automation coming will soon find out the painful way. The answer is a resounding yes. --- The study shows that workers who successfully combine mathematical and interpersonal skills in the knowledge-based economies of the future should find many rewarding and lucrative opportunities.
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february 2017 by bekishore
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