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Uncompromising - Siddha Performance

Accept nothing.

Nor is there a need to fight against it.

Recognize it as false. And move on.

Success and failure are false ideas.

For it is only the person that hopes for success that gives birth to the idea of failure.

And hope is the empty sort of calories that will keep you hungry forever.


Society can proclaim and cry out and prescribe to the masses if it so pleases.

But when it passes me, it will see in my eyes that I am a lost case. That there is no just point in opening its mouth. That it is far better served to proselytize the willing.

And leave the Wild and Unwilling to their own devices.


If I have a loaf of bread, I am happy to “compromise” half of it with you.

But if I have a vision, do not come near me. For I will not compromise a single drop of it, in order to fit into your neat and fabricated idea of “being practical.”

Practical is the way to Get. It is not the way to give up!


Because you believe that compromise is for the benevolent.

My dear friend, compromise is for the things that don’t matter to you.

Compromise is for the things that hold no value.


The “friend” who is a compromiser has no need to come my way. For I will not compromise with my insistence upon surrounding myself with those who are Uncompromising.
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The Wisdom Of Peter Fenton - Siddha Performance
If you continue to seek “answers” you will run in circles.

If you continually refine your Questions, you will create a magnificent journey.


That which is transactional requires a “business model.”

That which is organic invites the innocent hand of alchemy.
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july 2018 by bekishore
A Formula for Uncommon Success This Year | Your Absolute Best Year Yet
ideation without execution is delusion

5 things
1. know your one thing
2. run your 3 key habits
3. delete energy vampires in your life
4. invest in your personal development
5. seek out big joy

1. know your one thing - Steve Jobs - what is the one or two things that you, over the next 12 months, can focus > to become > BIW > best in world

pixar - focus on 1 movie every 3 years

what's your toy story ?

>>> have the guts to say no to everything else !

2. know your 3 key habits - for the next 90 days -

e.g., 5 o clock club, reading for 1 hour, writing in a journal before bed, meditation

consistency is the mother of mastery - every single day - make it part of your wiring

it takes 66 days to create a neural wiring

3. delete the energy vampires - have the guts to clean out toxic language - people who prevent you from greatness

you do become your associations

all of the environmental influences affect

live in a tight bubble of total positivity

politely ask energy vampires to leave your life

be around amazing people

4. invest in personal development -

!> am not going to spend on that money on course / seminar

vs. 5 dollar on a drink or violent movie !!!!!

make a huge investment in your personal development >>> to get 30 times returns

> to see around corners > inspiration > conferences that challenged me > inspired & intelligent people

> invest in yourself


5. seek out big joy -

> fundamental trap > when i become / when i get >>>> i will become more happy

> first become joyful > then become successful

> as you became joyful ... your focus increased

> do the things that creates big joy in your life > better you > better brain

>>> >>> >>> what is the value of this year ?

become a contrarian

> i made history > i became heroic > i became a legend

stay with habits with every single day
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