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Chia Chay Puay Clinic - Mr. Chia Chay Puay and Mdm. Wong Lye Cheng
TCM Practitioner

Blk 18, Upper Boon Keng Road
#01-1129, Singapore 380018

Telephone +65 6748 0032

Consultation Hours

Monday to Friday
.. 9:30am to 12noon
.. 2pm to 6pm

.. 9:...
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may 2014 by bekishore
Why Are Hundreds of Harvard Students Studying Ancient Chinese Philosophy? - Christine Gross-Loh - The Atlantic
Students who do this “are not paying enough attention to the daily things that actually invigorate and inspire them, out of which could come a really fulfilling, exciting life,”

The smallest actions have the most profound ramifications.

That rush of good feeling that comes after a daily run, the inspiring conversation with a good friend, or the momentary flash of anger that arises when someone cuts in front of us in line—what could they have to do with big life matters? Everything, actually.

When we notice and understand what makes us tick, react, feel joyful or angry, we develop a better sense of who we are that helps us when approaching new situations.
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october 2013 by bekishore

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