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Shawn Today - what to pack in a go bag
Food (Freeze-dried meals, energy bars), Water Bottles, Cash ($200 in small bills), Extra set of house and car keys, Credit Card, AM/FM Radio that uses AA Batteries, Photocopies of important documents (insurance, photo IDs, medication), Off-site backup of your computer stuff, Pain killers and other meds, Diapers, Wet Wipes, Hand Warmers, Utility knife, pocket knife, Socks, Glow Sticks, Regional Map, LED flashlight that uses AA batteries, Ear Plugs, Emergency Cell phone, USB iPhone charging cords, Lithium AA and AAA batteries, battery-powered head lamp,battery powered USB charger, extra iPhone charging cable, Mylar sleeping bag, storm-proof matches, pocket chain saw, water purifying straw.
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