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AskDrKanEpisode48 - Powerful tips for AutoImmune Recovery - YouTube
1. manage stress better
> job is killing you
> dr has to tell the truth to change lifestyle - change job
>>> all stories that you tell yourself

2. over training/exercise - excessive stress on body - physical stress e.g., cross fit + run + swim + biking + hike !
>>> saliva testing ... adrenal test / fatigue

3. sleep deprivation

4. blood sugar swing
>>> need to heal body vs symptom
>>> you eat too much sweets / carbs
>>> roller coaster ride - does not help

5. poor social relationships
>>> anti social
>>> be in community / have healthy relationships

6. negative self talk
>>> internal dialog very mean...

a. tl-6 - inflammation

b. th-17 - tissue damage

c. auto immune disease



1. positive attitude - choice
> god is good / anything is possible

2. proper exercise
oops > binge watch netflix

3. adequate sleep
> goto bed early

4. social network / community
> sometimes ... own family sabotage

5. love / appreciation
> give

a. increased opioids

b. increase th3 cells - t helper

c. decrease auto immune...

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july 2018 by bekishore
AskDrKanShow: Episode30 - Glutathione & AutoImmune - YouTube
autoimmune disease in us - 50 mill

heart disease - 22mil

cancer - 9mil


medicine should not be drugs and surgery
is symptom based

no symptom does not mean nothing wrong... something could be wrong inside...

21:00 onwards ... glutathione

glutathione is like a bodyguard that takes bullets... but not too many !
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july 2018 by bekishore

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