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"My Experiences with Fukuoka and Low Input Organic Farming" by Narayana Reddy - YouTube
principle is the same ... wo hurting 1) mother earth 2) soil organisms 3) ...

problem ... everyone wants to make quick money with a huge amount

am only 82...

in 4 acres - 900 trees...

happiest moment in life !?
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Internet vale mais que agricultura e energia para a economia global - CIO
The internet is more valuable to the global economy than traditional segments of the market, such as agribusiness and energy business, as revealed by "The Hyper-connected Economy", a study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by SAP. The study analyzed the impact of hyper-connectivity - a term that describes the connection between people, places, companies and things using the Internet - on the economy, organizations and behaviors. There is a consensus that between 2010 and 2011, the Internet contributed to more than 3.4 percent of the GDP of the biggest economies in the world. Furthermore, this percentage is growing day by day, with forecasts saying that by 2016 the value of the Internet will be double the figure from 2010. (Original in Portuguese)
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