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Ta-Nehisi Coates: Kanye West in the Age of Donald Trump - The Atlantic
It would be nice if those who sought to use their talents as entrée into another realm would do so with the same care which they took in their craft.

Michael Jackson did not just destroy his own face, but endorsed the destruction of all those made in similar fashion.
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Awakening in the Digital Age: Eckhart Tolle, Karen May - YouTube
ram dass : if you think... you are enlightened... stay with parents/relatives for a week
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256 Year Old Chinese Herbalist Li Ching-Yuen, Holistic Medicine, and 15 Character Traits That Cause Diseases | World Truth.TV
Here are a few examples that could explain the causes of disease you or your loved ones may be suffering from:

Jealousy - causes oncological diseases, weakens the immune system.
Vengefulness - causes insomnia and throat diseases.
Inability to find a solution to a situation - causes lung diseases.
Lacking moral principals - causes chronic diseases, infections, and skin diseases.
Being too categorical or unwavering in beliefs - causes diabetes, migraines, and inflammations.
Lying - causes alcoholism, fungal infections, and weakens the immune system.
Aggressiveness - causes gastric ulcers, acid reflux, and warts.
Reticence - causes schizophrenia and kidney diseases.
Cruelty - causes epilepsy, asthma, and anemia.
Seeking conflicts - causes thyroid enlargement.
Apathy - causes diabetes.
Inconsistency or being fickle - causes infertility.
Being rude or insulting - causes diabetes and heart diseases.
Anxiety - causes digestive system disorders, heart, and skin diseases.
Greed - causes oncological diseases, obesity, and heart diseases.
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