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Master, Can You Not Journey With People For Free? - Siddha Performance
S: What is the Truth, Master?

M: If I tell you, you will consider it. As you consider it, you will either believe or not believe. If you believe it, you will not have understood. If you do not believe it, you will not have understood.


S: I still would like to hear it.

M: I have no interest in wasting my words, student. Curiosity does not inspire me to reveal anything to anyone.


S: I am frustrated . . . And also envious, Master. In a way, I find myself angry with you. You have done nothing to me. But I am frustrated that I have not found the answers, despite years of effort. And I am angry and envious that you have. Why should these come to you and not to me? Please forgive me, Master.


S: Then why does the Truth come to you and not to me?

M: Because I am more serious than you.

S: That is indeed head-on. The universe does not give lee way, I suppose.

M: Why should it, student? Why should it give its most glorious riches to one who is not sufficiently sincere? This world is full of pretenders, my student. Every day they beg to have an audience with me. They say lofty things. They feign sincerity. If I agree to seem them and begin to speak of what it will take to realize the Truth, they make all kinds of excuses. They cannot do this. They cannot do that. They will have to wait until the time is right. Someday they will return. True sincerity, being All-in, the willingness to beg, borrow, and steal if one must . . . Such humans are one in a million, student. One in a million.

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july 2018 by bekishore
A Quiet Conversation With A Young Prince - Siddha Performance
Me: Your suffering does not come from conquest. Your suffering comes from the significance that you attach to it.

You: Do you not believe conquest to be significant?

Me: Tell me, young prince. If you do not conquer, will you one day die?

You: Yes.

Me: If you succeed in conquering, will you one day die?

You: Yes.

Me: Then how can there be any significance?


Me: My dear prince, the bliss is in the conquering. Suffering is in the “having conquered.”

You: No significance.

Me: Indeed, young prince . . . Indeed.
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july 2018 by bekishore
Looking Into Your Eyes. And Calling Your Bluff - Siddha Performance
“These people listen and nod their heads but they don’t Act upon the advice. That is the problem.”


Because the vast majority of men and women are not interested in any sincere journey toward Everest. They’re interested in being Entertained by stories about Everest.


As for Vipassana, I will gladly attend it. On one condition.

If those who exit the Vipassana hall are equanimous, regardless of the circumstance, I will attend.
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july 2018 by bekishore
Create Your Masterpiece And Set The World On Fire - Siddha Performance
You must now discover which game you wish to play. And whatever game you choose, you must understand that Skill and Talent are only the ENTRY FEES. The real game begins in your strategy for rising to the top.
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july 2018 by bekishore
Giving and Taking Criticism — Chappell Ellison
I firmly believe you can be a critic while being kind and open-hearted.

I don’t even care if that sounds naive.

Most people think the number one goal of a critic is to judge whether work is good or bad.

They are wrong. #imo

The number one goal of a critic should be to make things better. That’s it. None of this binary good/bad stuff. Lots of people would disagree with me on this.
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may 2018 by bekishore
On GPS: Obama's book recommendation - CNN Video
1. treat people kindly 2. be useful 3. use your time well == remember you are part of this big story == what remains after you are gone
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