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Instagram’s CEO – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
“Come for the tool, stay for the network.”

To be CEO — to have control — is, at least in the long run, not simply about building a great product. It is about finding and developing a business model that lets you determine your own destiny.
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september 2018 by bekishore
Hodinkee's Ben Clymer: Flipping from advertising to commerce revenue is difficult - Digiday
via - If you want to hear a CEO who really knows his business, his audience, his product, and what makes all three very special, listen to this interview with Ben Clymer, CEO at @HODINKEE
ceo  2018-08-15 
august 2018 by bekishore
Simon Sinek on Twitter: "Great CEOs look up and out. Great COOs look down and in. It's the parthership of their perspectives that make great companies"
Great CEOs look up and out. Great COOs look down and in. It's the parthership of their perspectives that make great companies
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june 2018 by bekishore
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