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Diving into the details of Apple's (boring?) record quarter - Six Colors
Apple needs to keep growing Services revenue because this is the world we live in. You’ve got to play that game, and if you had told me a decade ago how well Apple would seem to be doing at it, I wouldn’t have believed you. (To be fair, a huge portion of the Services line is the App Store itself, and that’s not just to Apple’s credit, but to the credit of everyone who sells apps.) But Services revenue is the add-on, not the core. Let’s never forget that—and hope Apple never does either.
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Fields Medalist Akshay Venkatesh Bridges Math and Time | Quanta Magazine
“Sometimes, people see things in you that you don’t see.”


“You start to see that, well, a thought you had some years ago comes back and sort of has grown, because you’ve seen other things in the meantime,” he said. “It’s funny, I never would have described myself as a patient person. But that’s just how it is.”


“You just talk about the essence of things.”
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