How to Read Guitar Tab
Short guide to most comman guitar playing techniques. Overview of rhythm notation symbols used in tablatures
guitar  tab 
The to-do list that helps you form good habits.
Simple iOS app for keeping track of days, streaks, habits
iOS  apps  data 
The Ultimate Intermediate Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Let’s Create an Entire App!
There are plenty tutorials online which show how to create your first app. This tutorial will go a step further and explain line-by-line how to create a more complex Ruby On Rails application…
rails  rails51  tutorial 
7 days ago
How can I trigger a Notification Center notification from an AppleScript or shell script?
I'd love to be able to take advantage of 10.8's Notification Center features in AppleScripts and shell scripts I write. Is there a built-in command or a third-party library I can use from either an
apple  macOS  notificationcenter 
7 days ago
Generation Screwed
Why millennials are facing the scariest financial future of any generation since the Great Depression.
read  millennials 
14 days ago
Maker vs. Manager: How Your Schedule Can Make or Break You
If you're a maker on a manager's schedule or a manager on a maker's schedule, you could be spinning your wheels. Find out the ideal way to schedule your day for maximum results.
work  productivity  essay  time  management  maker  schedule 
14 days ago
How to Capture Brian Setzer’s Tone
Question: What do I need to sound like Brian Setzer? Answer: Decades of experience, a virtuoso’s mastery of the guitar, complete knowledge of every scale, mode, chord, and inversion, in-depth understanding of multiple styles, and the ability to mix it all together with ease. As they like to say on Internet forums, “tone is in the …
guitar  goingdeep  cb 
15 days ago
I Am a Jekyll God
We’ve used Jekyll and GitHub Pages to host DesignOpen.org since we published the first line of code and although we love our setup, we haven’t taken full advantage of the system; until last week’s…
blog  jekyll  travis 
15 days ago
Custom stickers that kick ass
Get free proofs, free shipping, 4 day turnaround & 24/7 customer support. Thousands of people trust us to make kick ass stickers, labels, magnets & more.
stickers  print  marketing  work 
16 days ago
Rails 5.2: Active Storage and beyond
See what's new in Rails 5.2 and try its brand new Active Storage framework for file uploads with our detailed hands-on guide. Also covering Credentials, Current singleton, CSP configuration, Bootsnap.
rails5  rails52  rails 
16 days ago
What data visualisation has taught me so far
Since I dived into data visualisation I’ve learned so much that sometimes it’s difficult to explain every little detail. So I thought I’d start by writing about the fundamentals of making a good and…
books  dataviz 
23 days ago
Using VPNs: What UAE residents need to know
Experts spell out the benefits of VPNs and when the use of the technology can be considered illegal
uae  vpn 
26 days ago
How to fix: MediaKit reports not enough space on device for requested operation
Today I bought a brand new external hard drive WD Elements Portable 1Tb. A Western Digital company says that it can be used on both Windows and macOS. But most WD drives come formatted in the NTFS file system format for OS Windows, while for macOS we needed the HFS+ format or the Apple’s brand new APFS (Apple File System) format.
diskutil  disk  harddrive  macOS  mediakit 
28 days ago
An Introduction to OAuth 2
OAuth 2 is an authorization framework that enables applications to obtain limited access to user accounts on an HTTP service, such as Facebook, GitHub, and DigitalOcean. It works by delegating user authentication to the service that hosts the user acc
oauth  tutorial 
29 days ago
foodlogiq-oauth-example-sinatra - A minimal example of FoodLogiQ OAuth authentication
oauth  sample  ruby 
29 days ago
- A super-simple example of how to get started with implementing OAuth for the Assembly Platform.
oauth  sample  ruby 
29 days ago
Upgrading a Rails application incrementally
Notes on Rails version upgrades. Good stuff.
rails  upgrade  code  work 
4 weeks ago
Animation tool for the web.
animation  js  web  tools 
4 weeks ago
Palette Series 3.0 USB-C to USB Micro B, 3ft Black
With the Monoprice Palette Series of USB-C cables, you can connect your USB-C equipped PC or Mac® to the various USB devices in your life. Featuring a reversible male USB-C connector on one end an
usbc  usb3  cables 
6 weeks ago
American reams: why a ‘paperless world’ still hasn’t happened
The long read: In a world seduced by screens, the future of paper might seem uncertain. But many in the industry remain optimistic – after all, you can’t blow your nose on an email
paper  mohawk 
6 weeks ago
Jekyll on Heroku
Running Jekyll on Heroku allows you to take advantage of Jekyll’s powerful plugin system to do more than convert Markdown to HTML.
jekyll  heroku 
9 weeks ago
Touch ID for sudo
Use your fingerprint to authorize sudo
panic  mac  terminal  touchid  nerdery  apple  cb 
11 weeks ago
NACC 200 chart
College music chart from North American College and Community Radio Chart. Cool gradient color on a long page. CSS?
music  chart  css  design 
11 weeks ago
Everybody Hates Jill
Jill Stein just wants to save the world. But no one will let her.
politics  jillstein  greenparty 
11 weeks ago
25 Best Fiction Books 2017
For the past two years, I’ve been on the adult fiction book committee for my kids’ school Book Fair, which means I read roughly 50 books between January and October. All but two tomes on The What’s…
11 weeks ago
The Remote Life - Travel the World and Work Remotely
Would Crystal like this? Probably way too expensive, but I thought of her. Somewhat supported travel, intended for dong remote work.
remote  work  travel  crystal 
november 2017
Making Your Own Discover Weekly
Python scripting for using machine learning to build a Spotify recommedation engine
spotify  ai  machinelearning  python  cb 
november 2017
That's Mr. Curry: Steph to teach online hoops
Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry to teach online basketball classes for MasterClass.com. I'd pay more attention in this class than I did in Western Civ, for sure.
hoops  stephcurry  education  school  cb 
november 2017
Essential Cheat Sheets for Machine Learning and Deep Learning Engineers
Learning machine learning and deep learning is difficult for newbies. As well as deep learning libraries are difficult to understand. I am creating a repository on Github(cheatsheets-ai) with cheat…
machinelearning  cheatsheet  datascience 
november 2017
- Essential Cheat Sheets for deep learning and machine learning researchers
ai  cheatsheet 
november 2017
Upgrading Kickstarter to Rails 5
Fall is here! Change is in the air. And as of last month, Kickstarter runs its two biggest applications on Rails 5: our payments app, Rosie, and our main app, Kickstarter. In this post, we’ll…
rails  ruby  rails5  rails5upgrade  kickstarter 
november 2017
The Front-End Checklist
is an exhaustive list of all elements you need to have / to test before launching your site / HTML page to production. It is based on Front-End developers’ years of experience…
html  html5  css  js  frontend  webdev 
november 2017
Author, create and publish documents to the web, instantly.
Mac app that changes how you can create and publish documents to the web.
mac  app  web  publishing  webpages 
november 2017
The Juiced Ball Is Back
New testing suggests the baseball is at least partially responsible for MLB’s huge homer spike
baseball  ball  juiced  homer  homers  ringer  mlb 
october 2017
A First-Time Baseball Fan’s Guide to the Craziest World Series Ever
Twenty-three observations from an MLB newbie who picked up the game just in time for it to lose all good sense
sheasserrano  baseball  worldseries 
october 2017
I can go for that: how soft rock finally got cool
Once, the sound of 70s and 80s yacht rock was a musical punchline. Now Doobie Brother Michael McDonald is in demand from cutting-edge artists such as Thundercat, and hipster cratediggers are championing lost classics
read  hallandoates  music  yachtrock  steelydan  doobiebros 
october 2017
“No Fatties”: When Health Care Hurts
A fat person walking into a doctor's office can expect lectures, condescension, and misdiagnoses from a medical culture that chalks every health issue up to weight.
read  longreads  fat  obesity  medicine 
october 2017
Tablature 101
Best in-depth explanation of guitar tablature I have ever seen. From the Joni Mitchell site, of all things.
guitar  tab  tablature  music  jonimitchell  cb 
october 2017
The Horizon of Desire
Laurie Penny wants a new conversation about women, men, consent, desire, and autonomy.
consent  sex  longreads  behavior  fivestar 
october 2017
CSS and Flexbox in Slack webpage design
In August, we released a major redesign of slack.com, and we want to give you a peek behind-the-scenes. Rebuilding our marketing website was a massive project that took careful coordination across a…
slack  web  css  grid  flexbox  webdesign  design 
october 2017
The Github threat
Many voices arise now and then against risks linked to the Github use by Free Software projects. Yet the infatuation for the collaborative forge of the Octocat Californian start-ups doesn’t seem to fade away.
github  security  read 
october 2017
The Slack Threat
During a long era, electronic mail was the main communication tool for enterprises. Slack, which offer public or private group discussion boards and instant messaging between two people, challenge its position, especially in the IT industry.
slack  security  privacy 
october 2017
6 UTM Parameter Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make
Adding UTM parameters to your URLs is not enough. You need to make sure that you are not making these obvious mistakes and ruining your analytics.
utm  seo  google  googleanalytics 
october 2017
8 Common SEO Issues (and How to Troubleshoot Them)
You work for months, even years to rank for relevant keywords on search engines. And that work is done with the knowledge that there is no guarantee that your rankings will climb or even just maintain. It’s even more scary that you could end up losing years of consistent, hard work in seconds. How? You can lose it …
utm  seo  google  googleanalytics 
october 2017
7 Common Google Analytics UTM URL Tracking Mistakes To Avoid
UTMs are incredibly useful because they store Google Analytics URL tracking data as campaigns. Learn how to avoid the most common UTM tracking mistakes.
utm  seo  google  googleanalytics 
october 2017
Why we decided to build Ludus on top of Heroku
I’m the Co-Founder and CTO of Ludus, which means I’m in charge of all stuff technical, but more generally, I’m responsible for the technical vision of the company. That’s not an easy job. How can you…
heroku  microservices 
october 2017
E-book on imageopt
A free book on modern image optimization techniques. Formats, decoders, techniques for efficient compression and more are covered.
imageopt  automation  imageoptimization 
october 2017
The New Stack
At the recent FutureStack 2017 in New York, Melanie Cebula, Software Engineer at Airbnb, talked about the journey her company has been on and brought 10 takeaways from their experience. The home-sharing service operates in 65,000 cities located in 191 countries. This summer saw their four millionth listing. This summer alone, 45 million guests will …
work  read  devops  microservices  rails 
october 2017
Best Of My Love
[Intro] / C C Dm Dm / [Verse] / C C Dm Dm Every night, I'm lying in bed, holding you c
tab  eagles 
september 2017
eBay’s Font Loading Strategy
Discussion of font loading techniques for the web
web  css  fonts  ebay  js 
september 2017
CSS Grid - Terminology (from Mozilla)
Learn about CSS Grid Layout and Firefox's CSS Grid Layout Tools.
css  grid  tutorial 
september 2017
Satellite - Guster tab
Nice Satellite tab w/ capo assumed
tabs  guster 
september 2017
Let It Be
Good tab for Beatles Let It Be
tab  beatles 
september 2017
Designing With Class: Sinatra + PostgreSQL + Heroku
Detailed exploration of making a blog w/ Sinatra, PostgreSQL (plus Heroku deployment)
ruby  sinatra  heroku  blog 
september 2017
Sexism and Shopping: Female Players Get Most of the Odd Questions at the U.S. Open
NY Times article addressing: tennis, sexism, ai, natural language learning, machine learning, etc.
tennis  ai  machinelearning  sexism  usopen  venus  serena 
september 2017
Simply beautiful open source icons
Designed on a 24x24 grid with an emphasis on functionality, consistency and simplicity.
design  icons 
september 2017
Writing Slack Command APIs in Ruby
Slack is a real time messaging system. In this posts series we’re going to create a Ruby application to handle Slack’s Command API calls.
work  read  ruby  slack  heroku  sinatra 
september 2017
No, protected bike lanes do not need to cost $1 million per mile
People for Bikes blog on protected bike lan options and costs
bike  activism  urbanplanningh 
august 2017
Gingko App
Tree documents for clarity focus and flow. Free app for note taking, etc.
text  writing  notes 
august 2017
Blogging with Middleman, Pt. 1
Getting started can be the hardest part of a project. Here are some steps to get you started blogging with Middleman, a Ruby-based static site generator.
middleman  middlemanblog  ruby 
august 2017
Kanban Project Management Software
Kanboard is not for everybody, it's made for people who want to manage their projects efficiently and simply.
kanban  software  tools  heroku 
august 2017
Automate manual data processes?
work  investigate  analytics  data 
august 2017
Network Protocols – Programmer's Compendium
The network stack does several seemingly-impossible things. It does reliable transmission over our unreliable networks, usually without any detectable hiccups. It adapts smoothly to network congestion. It provides addressing to billions of active nodes. It routes packets around damaged network infrastructure, reassembling them in the correct order on the other side even if they arrived out of order. It accommodates esoteric analog hardware needs, like balancing the charge on the two ends of an Ethernet cable. This all works so well that users never hear of it, and even most programmers don't know how it works.
read  network  work  programming 
august 2017
Create a website for free. Introducing Tilda Publishing website builder
Create a website, landing page or online store for free with the help of Tilda modules and publish it on the same day. No knowledge of coding required.
web  website  websitebuilder 
august 2017
Using Middleman to Deploy Static Pages to Amazon S3
A Tutorial on how to use Middleman to generate static pages and how to continuously deploy them to Amazon S3.
middleman  aws  s3  ruby 
august 2017
A solar eclipse is coming to America. Here’s what you’ll see where you live.
On Monday August 21, a solar eclipse will cut across the entire United States. And wherever you are, you will be able to see it. Even though the "totality" — the area where the sun is completely...
science  eclipse 
august 2017
Amazon CloudSearch
is a fully-managed search service in the AWS Cloud that lets you easily integrate fast and highly scalable search functionality into your apps.
search  aws 
august 2017
Algolia | The Most Reliable Platform for Building Search
A powerful hosted search engine API, Algolia provides product teams with the resources & tools they need to create fast, relevant search.
search  saas  branding  social 
august 2017
Remote Starter Kit
Tools & processes that’ll help power your team’s virtual collaboration and happiness, recommended by your friends at Hanno.
remote  work  hr  tools 
august 2017
data-science-with-ruby - Practical Data Science with Ruby based tools.
data  ruby  code  dataviz  datascience 
july 2017
Wednesday Night Melody - Bleached
This song uses power chords throughout the song / Intro: G#, D#, C, C x4 / That small riff in the intro goes like this: / e|---------- B|--4h6----- G|------5--- D|---------- A|---------- E|-
tabs  guitar  bleached 
july 2017
Design Resources
Select websites, tools, assets, and readings for working in and learning about design.
design  resources  stockphoto 
july 2017
Voice Design Guide
Amazon guide on "designing for voice"
alexa  design 
july 2017
An Insider's Guide to Mountain Biking in Fruita
Mountain biking in Fruita means miles of twisty, flowy singletrack trails, which wind around the campsite, plus gorgeous desert sunsets.
mtb  fruita  bike 
july 2017
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